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An Echo Encapsulated in an Easter Egg

Hello … hello … ello … llo … o?

It’s me … me … e!

The Easter bunny!

I’m trapped inside this chocolate … mmm … mmMmm …

*nom nom nom*

Never mind.

Did you notice that all the words in my title start with vowels? Pretty cool, eh? They kinda … echo each other that way.

When I put together the title, I realized how well the words that were suggested to me for today’s post fit together. What on earth is better than the idea of being encapsulated in an Easter egg? Having to eat your way out …

Only being enclosed in there with a doughnut could top that!

Aaaand, I think I found my theme for this year’s quite-but-not-quite illegal A to Z Challenge.

I won’t need three words for tomorrow’s prompt since I’ll be using the “fab” prompt from SoCS. Thanks to the three ladies who gave me today’s “E” words. You’ll find their links under the words “echo,” “encapsulated” (should have been encapsulating, but hey! It’s close), and “Easter egg.”

Here’s my homemade “E” badge.




Somebunny Has A Sense of Humour


Alex brought a fresh eggplant home for Easter.