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Lookin’ out the window

It’s raining at the moment. Starting at 5am Saturday we’ll be getting rained on by ice pellets, until 11am when the snow will start. That’ll be a nice spring treat until the ice pellets come back at 9pm and continue until 7pm Sunday. Yes, 22 hours of ice pellets. Then it’s gonna rain. Until Tuesday.

All this to say if I disappear over the weekend, it’s likely because I’ve lost my power. No data on my phone, so no webz nohow.

Time to get out the hockey skates, eh?

Just don’t tell the neighbours it’s all because Karma’s coming to get me for illegally tagging on to the A to Z Challenge. They’ll freakin’ lynch me. Eh?


JusJoJan 3 – Frost Quake Fallout

Frost Quakes are continuing with the rapid decline in temperatures. I didn’t actually hear one here, but I have photographic evidence that we had one.

This is what I woke up to on the ground beneath the tree and all around my hedges, here at home and all around the block on my paper route.

frost quake ice

Frost Quake icicles

The trees are bare of their previous coating of ice, and now the icicles lay all over the ground like tiny transparent straws. Interesting, yet as slippery as sheer ice to walk on.

Unlike earthquakes, frost quakes are close to the surface and are therefore undetectable by seismic equipment.

So if you live in the widespread area of plummeting temperatures right now, and you hear a loud booming noise, it may not actually be a car hitting your home. It might be a frost quake.


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Ice Storm

I’m writing this on Friday night but scheduling it for Saturday, the 21st of December. If this goes live, it means I’ve lost my power due to a massive ice storm that’s coming this way. I lived through the ice storm in Western Quebec in 1998 – we went without power for three days. Luckily my mother was living in a subdivision close by which had all the power lines underground. This time I’m not that lucky.

I feel like I’m leaving a note to say, “If something happens to me…”

Anyway, it’s not that serious. I’ll just be without internet access.


Edit: Saturday evening – if this goes live tonight it may be because I’ve gone to the hospital to have my noggin’ checked out.  I’m feeling kinda dizzy as I write this, and from what I understand that’s not a very good sign after having fallen and hit it on a slab of concrete…