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Ice Storm


I’m writing this on Friday night but scheduling it for Saturday, the 21st of December. If this goes live, it means I’ve lost my power due to a massive ice storm that’s coming this way. I lived through the ice storm in Western Quebec in 1998 – we went without power for three days. Luckily my mother was living in a subdivision close by which had all the power lines underground. This time I’m not that lucky.

I feel like I’m leaving a note to say, “If something happens to me…”

Anyway, it’s not that serious. I’ll just be without internet access.


Edit: Saturday evening – if this goes live tonight it may be because I’ve gone to the hospital to have my noggin’ checked out.  I’m feeling kinda dizzy as I write this, and from what I understand that’s not a very good sign after having fallen and hit it on a slab of concrete…


Author: Linda G. Hill

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22 thoughts on “Ice Storm

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  2. No no no, I hope you’re okay??? I’ve fallen in the ice, that is very scary and you absolutely must go to a doctor if you hit your head. Please do let us know you’re okay.


  3. If you are feeling dizzy you should absolutely go see a doctor. Be safe.


  4. Hope you’re safe and alright!


  5. Linda, hope you and yours are okay. Go get your head checked at the hospital, and then hide from the weather. – Melissa H xo


  6. Linda, I hope, that you will get better very soon and come back when you feel ready again.


  7. I hope you’re okay, and warm and everything!


  8. Hope you are okay soon!


  9. Linda, hope you get better soonest. If your skull is half as thick as mine, you should be okay.


  10. Hi Linda! I hope your head is alright! It’s extremely icy hear in Toronto as well. I had to slide home. – Donna


  11. Very disturbing news. Sending prayers for good health and protection from the storm.


  12. Oh dear, just read your last edit…hope you are okay, Linda.


  13. I hope its nothing serious with you head injury . Take care of yourself.


  14. We got the freezing rain but fortunately living across from a big Mall, Hydro takes extra care. But did not have company from the townships…a bit too slick…it’s snowing now here. Hope your power is not out too long…that sucks if you don’t have a wood stove:(


  15. Oh no! I hope you’re home safely, soon — and with power!


  16. Oh Linda. I hope your head is okay. That is serious business. And I hope your power is restored quickly.


  17. Oh my god. Please be safe and I hope you’re fine after your fall.


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