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132. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Note: Strong language

Wednesday, January 10th, 8:00pm
Justin and Mr. Splindle


Mr Splindle: So what’s the damage?

Justin: I beg your pardon?

Mr. Splindle: How much did you get out of the old lady last night?

Justin: A couple thou.

Mr. Splindle: That’s my boy! You’re gonna go far.

Justin: I’m not so sure about this deal …

Mr. Splindle: No! You’ve done good! All you need is a little confidence in yourself. Tell you what. We’ll head out to the peeler bars tonight, get you good and happy, and then tomorrow you can start off fresh. What do you say?

Justin stares quietly.

Mr. Splindle: There’s a lot of money in it for you, son.

Justin: But … It’s dishonest.

Mr. Splindle: (regarding him with a frown) Think of it this way. What you did last night was no more dishonest than what that woman is doing to our poor government. She’s no more disabled than you or I.

Justin: But she did seem a little …

Mr. Splindle: A little what? Gimpy? All an act! (laughs) You’ve got to learn when someone’s having you on, my boy. But I’ll teach you. Yes, my son, you’ve got a lot to learn.

Justin: Mr. Splindle?

Mr. Splindle: Yes lad?

Justin: I’m not your son.

Mr. Splindle: (chuckles) It’s an affectation, my boy. Besides, at the rate you’re going it’s only a matter of time before we’re just like family. Don’t you think? Now let’s go get ourselves some ass!


Next stop: Thursday, January 11th, 6:00pm

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54. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Note: Strong language

Tuesday, October 24th, 9:00pm
Mr. Splindle and Horace


Mr. Splindle: It’s not really cheating.

Horace: Of-of c-c-course not, M-Mr. Sssssplindle

Mr. Splindle: We’re just going to have a nice quiet roast beef dinner and a few beers.

Horace: R-r-r-right.

Mr. Splindle: But you know, we don’t need to tell anyone about this at work.

Horace: Oh n-no! M-Mr. Splindle! And we w-won’t t-t-tell your w-w-w-wife either!

Mr. Splindle: Very good, Horace.

Horace: M-Mr. Sssplindle?

Mr. Splindle: Yes, Horace?

Horace: W-why did you w-w-want me to c-come with you?

Mr. Splindle: Why Horace, I asked you to come with me because you need to get out. To live a little! Have you ever been to a strip joint before?

Horace: N-no.

Mr. Splindle: Exactly. And you’ll have to get used to it, because when you become my assistant in this new enterprise, you’ll accompany me, with our clients, to peeler bars all across the county.

Horace: And w-we don’t t-t-t-t-tell anyo-one at work about this other e-enterp-prise either, r-r-r-right?

Mr. Splindle: That’s right, Horace. The only one we talk about that with is Hank.

Horace: M-Mr. Ssssplindle?

Mr. Splindle: (sighs) Yes, Horace?

Horace: About my w-w-wife. P-please don’t t-t-t-t-t-tell her, s-sir. Sh-she’d be awfully m-mad if sh-she f-f-f-f-f…

Mr. Splindle: … found out that you went to see strippers?

Horace: (nods) Mmhmm…

Mr. Splindle: (pats Horace’s knee) I understand completely. Most women are delicate flowers, Horace. We must protect them as best we can.

Horace: R-r-r…

Mr. Splindle: But you know there are some women who are more like weeds. They live between the cracks of society and deserve none of our esteem. They are the sort we are going to see tonight, Horace. Weeds. Objects just looking for men like us to pollinate them. (rubs hands together) Tonight I’d like to go pollinate a few of those weeds.

Horace: M-M-M-Mr. Ssssssp-p-plinnndle?

Mr. Splindle: YES, Horace?

Horace: Go f-f-fuck yourself, sir.

Horace gets off the bus.



Next stop: Wednesday, October 25th, 7:00pm

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