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Trees Don’t Chew Anyway

Last week I wrote about The Tree Formerly Known As Nosehair and his first tooth. Unfortunately things aren’t going well for the poor little guy.

The day after I published the post linked above, I took this close-up picture of his wonderful, shiny new addition.

The "Tooth"

The “Tooth”

Now, however, his tooth is shriveling up and dying.



But what I really find amazing is that even from this angle, you can still see his face. Now that’s a tree with personality!


Adventures on my Paper Route – Nosehair is Growing Up!

I realize many of my current followers weren’t around for the introduction of Nosehair–or actually The Tree Formerly Known As Nosehair–so I’ll provide a little background.

It all started with a tree that I walk past daily on my paper route who has a face. This is Nosehair when he actually had a nosehair:



You can read about Nosehair and his subsequent plucking here:

Then, drama happened. An evil nemesis (who I tidily named “Nemesis”) from the city came to cut down some of The Tree Formerly Known As Nosehair’s friends! It was a terrible time. I managed to speak to this evil city employee, but he was evasive about his plans. You can read about it here:

Since that time the neighbourhood has been mostly quiet. I have a little chat with The Tree Formerly Known As Nosehair most days as I walk by. I’m sure the people who live in the house he stands in front of think I’m a little nuts, but the squirrels like me.

So where is this all leading to? The news! The Tree Formerly Known As Nosehair has his first tooth!


His first tooth!

Doesn’t he look handsome? *sniff sniff* My baby’s growing up!


Adventures on my Paper Route – Is it Ironic or Are They Just Drumming Up Business?

I’ll start with an update on Nosehair. I spoke to Nemesis today! He was standing in the street, looking back and forth between Nosehair and another tree right across the street. I bucked up all my courage and asked Nemesis, “Are you going to cut down another one?”

“Thinking about it,” he replied with an evil twinkle in his eye.

“Who’s cutting them down?” I asked.

“The City,” he replied, and with that he leapt into his truck and sped away, no doubt to tell “The City” that someone is on to them.

Stay tuned for further updates.

OH, my title – Is it Ironic? Or Are They Just Drumming Up Business?

You tell me: I came close to being run over by a hearse today. *raises one eyebrow*

And totally unrelated to anything else:

Apple Blossoms!

Apple Blossoms!