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#SoCS – The So-Called Simple Stuff

When I came up with this prompt–“instructions”–I was thinking about blowing my nose. It’s something I’ve known how to do for a very long time, but it’s one of the most difficult things to teach a kid.

Then I got to thinking about what we teach our kids when they’re young. Coming up with instructions for things we do without thinking takes a lot of thought, doesn’t it?

And even worse, asking them to do something without remembering that we have to teach them how first, and then feeling bad when we have to say, “No, no, no. That’s not how you do it.” Especially when the “it” involves something breakable.

Like the poor kid’s spirit. 😦

Personally, I love following instructions.

Knitting patterns are exciting!

Learning how to run a new program on the computer too, as long as the instructor doesn’t assume I know certain terms and things that are inherent in the basics, that I might have missed.

Kinda puts me right down there with the kid who just dropped a plate or something.

Okay, now I’m sad.

Here’s a picture I took of Winston tonight, to cheer us all up.

His itches aren’t completely gone, but he’s not scratching as much, which leads me to believe they were just leftover bites. Yay!

I do appreciate everyone’s suggestions, though. They gave me a brand new appreciation for the lengths people go to for their fur babies.

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#tuesdayuseitinasentence – To Serve

I often feel like a servant in my own house. Because of their disabilities, there’s a good chance I’ll always have to serve my children, to some extent.

But it’s something we all do, isn’t it? There are times when it’s much easier to do a thing ourselves than take the time to teach the kids to do it. In many cases it’s justified: while in the way out the door to an appointment, or getting ready for school in the morning, when we’re tired and just want to get the thing (whatever it is) over and done with. At some point we need to stop and teach though. We do our kids a disservice by waiting on them hand and foot.

Ah, but it’s so hard to be perfect.

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What would you teach?

I often wish that I could teach people not to sweat the small stuff. I can’t stand watching people walk around with their minds so focused on trivial matters, that they’re unable to see the big picture.

So what if that guy just stole your parking spot? At least you didn’t have to take the bus with all your children, your strollers, and bags of groceries once you’re finished shopping. What’s the problem with getting the blue ipod when you wanted the black one? At least you have one. How does it matter that you listened to someone at the next table complain about their food? Did you enjoy yours? Then stop eavesdropping!

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not really the complaining that bothers me. If that was the problem, I would be just as bad as they are. It’s the fact that small things stress a lot of people out. Getting one’s blood pressure up, in my opinion, had better come with a whole lot of real problems. Yes, all the little ones can add up. We all have days like that. But even then, don’t dwell! It’ll put you into an early grave… and who wants to die over a chipped fingernail?

I think we all have something that we’ve learned from experience, that we wish we could give the benefit of to others so that they don’t have to learn the way we did: the hard way.

So tell me in the comments: of all your personal life lessons, what would you teach the people around you, if you could?