Life in progress


199. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Sunday, March 18th, 10:00am
Deborah and Tilden


Tilden: Mommy?

Deborah: Yes, Tilden?

Tilden: Why do you say “life goes on”?

Deborah: Well, honey, sometimes life is difficult. But it doesn’t stop for anybody.

Tilden: You mean except dead people?

Deborah: Right. Except for dead people.

Tilden: Why doesn’t life go on for dead people?

Deborah: Because they’re dead.

Tilden: But you said Gramma will live in your heart forever.

Deborah: That’s true. I did say that.

Tilden: So life goes on for Gramma too?

Deborah: Only in spirit.

Tilden: (thinks for a few minutes) Can Gramma’s spirit buy me a birthday present?

Deborah: (puts her arm around him) No, honey.


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