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Ho Ho Ho! Navigator Santa’s coming to EDDD town


Wrapped by a former grade 1 felon

Wrapped by a former grade 1 felon

While the very delightful LindaGHill, blogger extraordinaire, recovers from her ice storm battle scars—wounded in action, or WIA as we like to say—, it falls to me to (wo)man the ramparts of this blogosphere bastion. The chain of command remains intact.

Right. So when I was in grade 1, a wee lad all of six years old, I had the venerable old Mrs. Thompson for my teacher. Not only did she strap me for talking in class, she actually once gave me detention for Valentine’s Day.

This little boy didn’t like arts and crafts. Mrs. T had deemed that my Valentine heart didn’t meet her standard for my mother, so the Thompsonator kept me after class until I got it right.

Mean old bat. No wonder I have issues.

As the image above shows, there is a reason why I didn’t like arts and crafts. I flat out suck at it. The image above is my most recent attempt at wrapping a pretty Christmas gift. It’s pretty, alright. Pretty gruesome job of wrapping.

So my question to you, fellow devoted followers of Linda, is whether or not the quality of the gift wrapping matters.

And happy 22nd EDDD to each and all.

23 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho! Navigator Santa’s coming to EDDD town

  1. I am learning this year to let go of my judgment about my sucky gift wrapping skills. I think people actually do not care about the wrapping at all. And if they do, sucky wrapping serves them right! (I haven’t finished my gift wrapping yet. Could you tell?)


  2. Awwwww. I think your wrapping attempt is cute. It’s reminiscent of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Showing some love…liked, followed. Thanks for introducing us to another awesome WP blogger 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on The Mirror and commented:

    Hi everyone. With the recent major ice storm that has gone through south eastern Ontario Canada, poor blogger LindaGHill slipped on her treacherous front step and suffer a minor concussion. I’m hanging out at her blog to keep it going while she is out of commission. Hopefully she’ll be back soon. Why not come and show Linda some wordpress love at her place? Thanks,


  4. I appreciate when someone takes the time to wrap even if it is not the greatest wrap job. The thought and time matter so much more.


  5. That’s actually really good looking. You should see how I wrapped the lamp for my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding gift. I knew she was the nicest woman on the planet when she said, “Paul, it was a really nice wrapping job. I’m not sure how I would have done it better.” She would have. Way better. And go at it! Like all your posts 😉 Tell your wife you’re self assured. I hear women love that stuff.


  6. No matter what we do, it is good enough, if we do our best. No one can demand more.
    Thanks for sharing.


  7. At least you used clear tape. I used electrical tape instead of going out to buy more…..

    I, personally, don’t think it matters much. It gets shredded while opening anyway. If anything, you saved someone from breaking a nail of getting a paper cut by loosely wrapping it.


  8. I liked my own guest post. How lame is that?


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