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…And Then Nothing Gets Fixed


I was walking out of Best Buy at 12:45 today when I got a call from Alex’s school. He was in the office, feeling unwell; would I come and get him. That’s not really a question. Ever. It’s a command. So I threw gently placed my newly repaired laptop in the car and drove over to get him. Best Buy had had my laptop for a week. It was shutting down without warning on battery power when the charge reached 66%. I figured it was a defective battery – they changed both it AND gave it a new hard drive.

Anyhow, I got to the school and was informed that my darling little son was feeling tired and wanted to go home. Yeah, not much of a reason. BUT, one I have no choice but to take seriously. First was the arrhythmia from the weekend, coupled with cold sweats a couple of days ago and then I was informed by the teacher that his lips had gone blue three times last week (thanks for letting me know sooner) and this all adds up in my mind to congestive heart failure. Regardless of the fact that he just went for an echocardiogram last week that showed no new problems, and ignoring the impish look of “I’m faking this” on his dear little face, I decided to take him to the emergency.

Six (count ’em) 6 hours later, we arrived back home. The EKG they did today showed there were no issues with his heart – neither did the x-ray. However, I must give honourable mention to the people who kept me entertained in the waiting room. The first was a heavily tattooed lady who lost her $1.50 in a vending machine and proceeded to inform a security guard at the top of her lungs, “IT WASN’T JUST A PENNY!” The second, and most impressive by far, was an elderly lady who clearly had no idea where she was, demanded in a tone fit for a Shakespearean Queen to be let out of her cage. Seriously, if that woman wasn’t still an opera singer – and her annunciation! It was out of this world!

Where was I? Oh yes, back at home. I ate my dinner while Alex was hooked up to his feeding pump and then I got my laptop out. New hard drive meant all the crap that comes with a factory-installed OS was present and accounted for, as was the particularly loathed Internet Explorer. So I’m sitting on my couch, miserably getting rid of everything I don’t want and … poof! 66% the laptop shuts down.

I’ll be taking the computer back to Best Buy tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t be taking the kid back to emerg. Still, don’t really know what’s wrong with either of them.

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

28 thoughts on “…And Then Nothing Gets Fixed

  1. Wow. Technology and health issues in one day. Yuck. No, double-yuck. Gosh, Linda. I just sent a prayer up for your son, and that the people that surround him would be more attentive.


  2. You great everything life throws at you with a smirk… I love ya!! xxxxx


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  4. ((hugs)) Great writing but what a crap day. So sorry to hear it.


  5. Wow, you know how to have fun! Good thing you got a little entertainment thrown in. But to not know what’s wrong with either of them. How frustrating. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that tomorrow goes significantly better.


  6. Tragically funny and entertaining…..think I’ll start calling you Shakespeare! πŸ™‚


  7. His lips turned blue…last week? It’s great to hear that his teachers are so on top of things. I hope they find and fix the problem with your laptop. Haha…It wasn’t just a penny! In my head, I hear a little girl yelling with tears rolling down her cheeks, while stomping her foot on the ground.


  8. Terrific post, but sorry that you are living it. I especially concerned about the school’s lack of communication regarding the blue lips!


  9. Laptop batteries and power systems are always causing trouble. It’s like they’re designed to be evil. Hope your son has a fun and non-ER day.


  10. Wish the best to both of you Linda and hope Alex will feel better son.

    Yes, we need to be very careful about, what we wish for. We will receive it, in one or another way. Not always as we thought πŸ™‚


  11. “The second, and most impressive by far, was an elderly lady who clearly had no idea where she was, demanded in a tone fit for a Shakespearean Queen to be let out of her cage.”

    I hate ‘health care in this country of my birth.

    Lady MacBeth?
    My sincere thinkings and sincere careful thoughts are with you and your child.
    I mean that.


  12. Aww rough day, but good writing!


  13. And just yesterday you said you didn’t have anything to write about Linda. See what you started!


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