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A Whale Of A Sale But It’s All True I Swear By My Tattoo

The third installment is out (finally – I’ve been on tenterhooks for this one) of Misha Burnett’s Book of Lost Doors series, and to celebrate, there’s a sale! Click on the original post for the links to pick up these fantastic novels!


CatskinnerSmall Click To Buy!

CannibalSmall Click To Buy!

To celebrate my launching of The Worms Of Heaven I am putting Catskinner’s Book and Cannibal Hearts on sale for 99 cents each this week.  In addition Catskinner’s Book will be featured on EReader News Today tomorrow, Wednesday the 3rd.

So we’ll see how this works.  I don’t often ask for reblogs, but I would appreciate it if you would see fit to help me spread the news.  With my third James & Catskinner novel I feel that I have an actual body of work.

Worms of Heaven by Misha Burnett Click To Buy!

I did what I set out to do, which is to create a new mythos, new monsters, new magic, a cosmology based on some fairly outre sources and my own imagination.  It’s been hard to get any traction since the world in my books is difficult to explain–I can’t really say that it’s “just like” anything else out…

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Grin-worthy Reviews…

Here’s a post that had me grinning! If you haven’t already met Steve, you certainly should take the opportunity now.


All right.

First off, let me tell you that writers LOVE to read reviews. Especially good ones. You have to understand that this is a business where you spend the majority of your time whispering to yourself in front of a computer screen.

All right, so some of you DON’T whisper to yourself – but I guarantee that you do your best writing all on your lonesome – thinking – REALLY LOUDLY – to yourself.


When I read a review I can picture somebody sitting on their favorite chair or on their back deck or on the bus or in the bathtub and reading my words – whispering to themselves the whole way through – and grinning.

It’s the grinning part that I like the best.

Let’s face it.

At the end of the day the thing that people remember the most about you is how you make them…

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An Unexpected Day – Tongue Firmly Planted in Cheek

Well! I got a nice surprise yesterday when I opened up an envelope that I received in the mail in, ohh, mid-July. I knew it contained the forms I had to fill out to send with Alex to school on the first day, and being who I am, I waited until the very last minute to have a gander. As it turns out, it wasn’t the last minute after all! Guess who had a “day off” on the very first day of school?

You guessed it!

So to celebrate, we went to the mall to buy shoes. … and rubber boots … and a baseball cap – all in Alex’s favourite, Spiderman!


I drew the line at the Spiderman socks.

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He Said, She Said: Bloggers Edition #2.

An excellent idea for a blog post. Click on the original for some great quotes from other bloggers.

Manuscript. Head. Drawer.


“The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.”

— blogger Hart Helps, in blog post, Our Greatest Source of Unhappiness

“Oh wait, you asked me for the aspect [of writing] that interests me the most, right? That one is easy – I hang out with a really awesome bunch of imaginary friends almost all the time.”

— guest author Krishna Udayshankar, on Damyanti’s Daily (w)rite blog post, Have you read the Indian Game of Thrones?

“When we throw out or otherwise get rid of things we don’t need in our lives, it not only creates physical space for us to live, but it relieves the untidiness it occupies in our minds.”

— blogger Linda G. Hill, in her…

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