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Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Squint


I’m doing a lot of squinting this morning. No, wait, it’s afternoon already. I’m actually typing this with my eyes closed – thank goodness I learned to touch type. You see, (because I can’t) I haven’t been eating enough carrots in the past few days, and so I’m having a hard time, well, seeing. That’s why I haven’t been around today. Normally I’m all over everyone’s SoCS posts, and so I apologize.

The strangest thing today though seems to be that no matter how hard I squint, WordPress is telling me that there is one person flying around the globe looking at my posts. While I find this amazing, I do find it a little hard to believe. Have you noticed this too?

But really, I digress. My sight is the one thing I figure I’m losing more than anything else and it’s one of those things that I haven’t really thought about – at least not until it really started going downhill. I rely on my eyes to read, to write (except right now, my eyes are still closed. I hate to think how many typos I’m going to have to fix.) to get around my house… hell – to drive! I’m the only one who can take my kids to all their appointments. And the appointments are why I don’t work. EVERYTHING depends on my being able to see.

Lutein. It’s the thing carrots contain that is good for eye health. I think that’s how you spell it – I can’t see to google it. Even the word “google” reminds me of eyesight.

Protect your eyes, people. Sight is one of your greatest assets. Don’t take it for granted.

(This public service announcement comes to you in association with SoCS: Please join in! It’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys!)

Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions

Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

18 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Squint

  1. Hi Linda. If I read without glasses the faces I pull are a real ‘sight’ (more squinty the smaller the print). I’ll have to check out Lutein. I usually notice the worst typos after I’ve hit post comment. 😀 LHN


  2. You know I hate that I have to put my glasses on to read stuff these days – unless I hold it at arms length and squint. lol


  3. I tried this, but I am not sure whether I did it right. Were you able to see it?


    • Yes! I did work. If you look in the comments on the Friday prompt post you’ll see your pingback, which is exactly where it’s supposed to be. Thanks so much, Beth! I’ll try to get around to everyone’s SoCS posts today. 😀


  4. You tyoe well with your eyes closed Linda. I’m jealous – I can’t type that well with my eyes open. Which means I need a brain exam, not an eye exam. ha!


  5. Hi Linda I had an eye test this and to my amazement my sight has deteriorated two notches on the scale in the past year. So new specs are on order. We don’t appreciate our eyesight until it gives us cause to be concerned. Maybe I should eat a few more carrots.


  6. I take Lutein every day and it’s made a huge improvement in my eye sight. Would highly recommend it to anyone.


  7. The WP stats refresh is a little screwed up. I think the back end refresh is done at specific time intervals because of which we keep seeing these kind of inconsistent data. Hope they fix it soon. Been there for some time.

    I have strained my ears and eyes too much today and it’s almost Sunday here. Take care and Good night Linda 🙂


    • It’s been very difficult lately to get the graph to show up on the stats. That’s annoying. But the visitor thing seems to have fixed itself. (Ha! There are WP employees who have been working through the night cursing me for saying that, I’m sure.)
      Have a good night, my dear!


  8. Glasses? Did you say glasses? Now there is a good idea. Fun post.


  9. On WordPress stats: yes, I have (as of now) 87 views from 13 different countries all made by one very busy, very fast visitor!

    On your vision issues: have you been to an eye doctor yet? I assume he or she will do more than just tell you to eat carrots.

    And finally, you did an excellent job at typing with your eyes closed.

    Oh wait. I just checked my stats. Now I have 89 views from 51 visitors! Two more views from 49 visitors. I was never good at math, but still….


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