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Creepy or Convenient? Part 2


Google is at it again, reading my gmail. You might remember the first time, when Google noticed I had written the word “attached” in the body of my email but I hadn’t attached anything. This time it waited until the right time to pounce.

I received a notification yesterday to let me know the good people (computers?) at their organization had added the flight information for my upcoming trip to Tokyo to my Google calendar. So I won’t forget I’m going, I suppose.

So I have decided: If I receive an email suggesting that I drink less before I go to bed so I won’t have to get up to go to the bathroom at 1:37 am, 3:03 am, and 4:26 am again the next night, I’m going offline permanently.

Author: LindaGHill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

41 thoughts on “Creepy or Convenient? Part 2

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  2. You didn’t know that Google was broadcasting your life online? Really? We’ve all been avidly watching to see what happens next…

    Oh, by the way, the kettle is boiling, oh, and you missed a bit when you last cleaned that window over your right shoulder…


  3. My email program reminds me when I forget an attachment as well. I appreciate it. I don’t use the calendar function, which is designed to put things like flight information in automatically. I suggest maybe not using google mail or learning the settings to turn off stuff you don’t like.


  4. If you wanna know what your family.. kids… etcetera are googling, check adds on FB and their email accounts… you know just casually leaning over with interest.
    Yup.. I feel you… they even know where we live man! And if I should wear warm or cold clothes!


  5. Gosh! I know how creepy that sounds but it also makes me wonder how much technology has seeped into our lives. Right? πŸ™‚


  6. Ha! I happened to be pricing fishing waders the other day and when I checked Walmart (prices are usually pretty good) I accidentally signed onto the American site instead of the Canadian site Anyway, now I get continual American wader pricing with virtually every site I sign onto. Then today, they set up a little grid that did comparative pricing of a number of options running from $135 USD – $200 USD and included in the grid was a delightful offer for a pistol for the low, low price of $132. The cheapest price on the grid. Go Walmart, Go! Way to promote a safer Canada – ha!


  7. I was looking up tripods because mine was stolen and I needed to replace it. Now, every site has an ad for Manfrotto tripods. How do I tell Google I already bought one? Not Manfrotto, but another brand. Maybe if I search for something else the ads will change?


  8. Creepy.. but if the government is keeping an eye on all our computer activity I expect them to know every word we write, or at least be able to bring it to their own review at will. I Mean doesn’t the Gov’t aheva record of our every phone call too? Do I sound paranoid? I guess I am! LOL


  9. Just think Linda that around the world there are bloggers who for your convenience could email you at those times to remind you of where you should be……that’s the sort of folk we are…….so 3am for you would be 6pm for me….easy…..


  10. Put tape over your PC camera, so Google can’t ogle you.


  11. You can’t go offline permanently, Linda. What about the one-liners? What about SoCS prompts?

    What about Nano Poblano in November? Please Linda. Don’t go.


  12. I understand the “attached” thing. It just uses a word to trigger a message, but flight information? That is creepy. Imagine if Gmail decided to send an e mail to all your friends? Or decided to read your e mails and delete them without you, or……


  13. Thus why I won’t have anything to do with google. There are a lot of other companies that do the same things without intruding into my personal life.


  14. Google monitoring our bathroom habits is definitely creepy….!


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