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The Trickster – #AtoZ Challenge


My Deaf son, Alex, loves to play jokes on people. Seeing surprised expressions is one of his joys in life – it’s why he loves watching “The Price Is Right” and “Just for Laughs Gags” so much. One of his favourite things to do is hide from us, and then pop out to scare us. Except he doesn’t realize that he needs to be quiet. So it’s not uncommon to walk into a room and hear Alex either giggling his head off or screaming with excitement, knowing he’s about to frighten someone. Of course we all play along, shading our eyes and dramatically looking around while signing, “Where’s Alex?”

It’s the same when he and his friends play hide and seek. There’s no such thing as sneaking around quietly – as long as they can’t see each other, they’re golden.

It just makes me laugh. 🙂

You can watch the video with the sound off – the audio is just music and a laugh track. Worth the watch.

My A to Z theme concerns the joys and challenges of being the hearing mother of my Deaf son, Alex. To learn more about his beginnings in life, click here to go to my first A to Z entry.



Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

10 thoughts on “The Trickster – #AtoZ Challenge

  1. Great story. The video was fun. Love the reactions.

    Weekends in Maine


  2. That was hilarious Linda – Just for Laughs is a very funny program.


  3. aaaaw what a sweet heart. I can almost picture him trying to be all quiet waiting to scare someone.Beautiful


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