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Just Jot It Jan 3 – Warning


I need a warning light and a siren to come on every time I spend more than five minutes on Facebook these days. It’s never been more of a time-gobbler than in recent months. The thing is, I justify it to myself because I find so much inspiration there. Not only that, I make connections with readers, writers, promoters, and generally helpful people. I’m in a few fantastic groups where I’ve found opportunities not only to promote my book, but to get work as an editor. Once I start that, Facebook is going to be off-limits.

I know I should be working on my own novel, but again, I have an excuse. Proofreading takes intense concentration. For that matter, anything I do on my book demands that I get into a certain zone. My family can see on my face when I’m there. I go totally blank. It takes a chisel to get through that sort of zone.

Things should be easier once I have a real job to do and a deadline set by someone else. This working for myself deal is hard! Putting a schedule in place for myself, when I have a family around who needs everything now, is hardly conducive to getting any work done that can be put off ’til later, since it’s only me counting on it getting done. This is why I’m so looking forward to working as an editor.

I need structure in my life. And Facebook ain’t cutting it.

This is very appropriate and it’s a fantastic song:

Thanks very much to Dan Antion for today’s prompt, “Warning.” You can visit Dan and read his latest post (and see some great pictures) here:

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

26 thoughts on “Just Jot It Jan 3 – Warning

  1. You know all about my issues with Facebook… Sounds like you have some of the same ones.


  2. Working at home as a writer, you have to learn to impose your own deadlines or there will be conflict of scheduling. When I’m writing or editing, I close all my social media notification to avoid temptation. πŸ™‚


  3. Facebook, in fact all social media, is a blessing and a curse! I love it, it has been a god send to me in my recovery when the real world and real people were too much and now its become my passion in my blogging and filming. However, it can be so all consuming if one isnt careful and I am always on the look out for that elusive balance! I went on retreat back in the summer, a silent retreat, one whole week, no talking, no phone, no media, it was just heaven and I vowed when I returned home that I would be more balanced. That clearly has not worked out well! At least we know we are all int the same boat!!!


    • Ah, I love it when I get a few days of silence. It’s been a looong time since I last had the opportunity though.
      Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone, Finlay! πŸ™‚


  4. Now see, I’m on Facebook less and less…and still not writing, so I can only blame myself.
    The focus thing, though, I totally get that.


  5. It’s hard putting structure into your day when working from home. Facebook is definitely a major time consumer. Not sure I could go without it completely though. Good luck with the editing job.


  6. It is indeed so hard to get onto that zone… but as long as those around you are supportive, you can do anything you put your mind to! I know what you mean about FB draining your time though!!!


  7. I have work days where I will not allow myself to look at Facebook until I’ve worked for 3 or 4 hours on my book, or other project. When I stick to that, it helps a lot. It’s like dessert after a meal, or a reward. But if I slip up and take a peek, no telling how long I’ll get sucked in for.


  8. I agree about Facebook. Before you know it an hour has gone by and the manuscript is still waiting for attention.

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  9. I have the same issue right now. I am doing a 30 day challenge along with 15000 other individuals and the FB page is so time consuming. I’m thinking of just avoiding the FB page as much as possible.


    • I have ditched Facebook before and it was a heavenly couple of weeks. But now I have potential income coming in off it. What do you do when the bane of your existence is also your livelihood? πŸ˜›
      Thanks for stopping by, Sue! It’s great to see you again. πŸ™‚

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