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Just Jot It Jan 13 – Hospital


Prepare for a bit of a rant.

My darling son, Alex, with whom many of you are familiar, is deathly afraid of the dentist. So much so, that the dentist refuses to clean his teeth for fear of harming him as he thrashes about.

A couple of months ago, the dentist put in a referral to a hospital in Kingston where he sometimes works, to have Alex seen by anaesthesia with the goal of having him put under for a cleaning. However, that particular hospital lacks the resources to look after Alex if something goes wrong with his heart — he has a heart condition. Result: denied.

Now we have to go back once again to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), which is about a three-hour drive each way, not once but three times. First for a consultation, then to see their anaesthesia department, and finally for the “surgery” itself. This last time, we’ll have to stay overnight, because they’ll want us there at 6:00am.

Don’t get me wrong – CHEO is a wonderful hospital. But this new thing of having to go there for teeth-cleaning every year is for the birds. Life was much easier when I could get there in 45 minutes from where I lived. …which was a good thing, since Alex lived there for the first eight months of his life. But many of you, as I said before, already knew this.

I just wanted to bitch a bit. I feel better now.

Thanks for listening.


Thanks very much to Charlene Bullard from for the prompt of the day: “Hospital.”

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20 thoughts on “Just Jot It Jan 13 – Hospital

  1. It must be very frustrating when the services you need are not set up to support you.


  2. Bitch away girl! πŸ™‚


  3. You can bitch to me any time !! ❀


  4. You have a right to bitch, Linda – you have a lot on your plate. It’s hard enough raising children, but Alex has needs that take extra love. It’s too bad you can’t find a hospital or outpatient center closer to home, but such is the state of medical are in both our countries at the moment. Hope all goes well with the teeth cleanings – maybe you could take a quick snooze while he’s under, you probably could use some rest yourself!


  5. It sounds like a traumatic experience for both of you in so many ways. Linda.


  6. sorry, linda. i understand both sides of this though, as i have a major dental fear as well. when i was a child, i went to a dentist who did not use any painkillers. as an adult, i go every 6 months, but have to be gassed. they told me that tears always roll down my face even when gassed.


  7. Let it all out Linda! WE can feel your frustrations too! That must be so hard!


  8. Poor boy, how is it possible that he has such a fear of the dentist ? In my generation I can understand they were all butchers !


  9. Rant away! Whatever helps.

    Quick question, what’s the reason you guys have teeth cleaning every year there?


  10. I know what you mean; Audrey had to go to the dentist yesterday and they found a cavity with food packed into it. She wouldn’t let them clean it out because it was too painful, so she’s got to go back and get gassed in a couple of weeks.


  11. We all have our things to bitch about, and that’s certainly a worthy cause. :/


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