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Twenty to Twelve


It’s twenty to twelve on “T” day (not that I’m keeping track or anything), and I’m tired. Been looking at the screen most of the day, trying to get my book edited.

But now all I can think about is Toronto. The city where I was born. The city where ten people died today after getting run over by a truck on the sidewalk. Those poor innocent people.

It’s horrifying to know it can happen anywhere, at any time. It’s horrifying that so many of us are become desensitized to it. It’s horrifying that it’s not as horrifying as it used to be, even a couple of years ago, when multiple people died by a senseless, violent act.

Is this what we’re coming to? Or is it what we, as a species, always were?

So many questions for such a late hour. I’m at a loss.

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

9 thoughts on “Twenty to Twelve

  1. We most definitely have become desensitized, conditioned, whatever. So many years of this crap happening. The good news? Yes, there is good news in all of this. There is a shift happening. Right now. A shift in perception, in humanity. Large groups of people are waking up from the conditioning, and are saying “no more”. Choose any subject you like…mass shootings, sexual assault, shootings of unarmed teens, shootings of police officers, corrupt politicians…people are waking up and I know the change is coming. This knowledge is what gives me hope when the bad things happen…


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  3. The horror of desensitization makes me wonder continually about the effects of each new report of this kind of mass random violence leading to more of the same. The only thing I can think of that might help is to not give the suspect/perpetrator any more attention than we have to, yet we need to understand the motives to try to prevent the killings. So says my analytical attempt to not feel the horror that is unquestionably real. It’s sad and scary.


  4. I thought of all my Canadian friends when I heard that news, and prayed none of them were among the victims. Then, I thought of all my American friends (and many of my relatives) who like to visit Toronto, and prayed for them too. Even though I’m not a praying person. This one hits a little too close to home – Toronto is only 70 miles away.


  5. I was so sad to hear the news of this tragic and senseless event. I remember walking with my daughter and a very good family friend in Toronto, several years ago. It’s a beautiful city. These people act without any thought or compassion. I don’t want to believe that that’s what we’re coming to as a people.


  6. The world has sadly slipped into World War IV and none of us really noticed, unless we lived in the lands such as Syria and South Sudan.
    We have out own weapons of Compassion, Respect and Tolerance to stamp douse the fires of hate. And we keep on hoping.
    And writing. As long as a book is not a poisonous hate-monger rant, it is a gift to Humanity.


  7. So many crazy people out there. It is getting beyond belief.

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