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#SoCS – Aggression

Aggression isn’t natural for me, but I find myself acting aggressively towards my keyboard. Why? Because the spacebar isn’t working properly. I have to hit it so hard every time I press it that typing is somewhat akin to playing drums in a death metal band.

Meanwhile, it’s probably due to a crumb that passively made it’s way under the key.

Die, motherf–!!

Yeah. So. That’s my day so far. 🙂

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219. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Saturday, April 7th, 3:00pm
Karla (and Kevin)


Karla sits at the window. Kevin takes the seat beside her.

Kevin: Nice cell you got there.

Karla: (without looking up from her cell phone) Uh huh.

Kevin: I just got a new one myself. (digs phone out of his pocket)

Karla: (without looking up) That’s nice.

Kevin: Cost me two thousand bucks.

Karla: (glances at his phone) You got ripped off.

Kevin: No way. This thing is fast. Put it on a table and it turns the whole table into a screen.

Karla: (without looking up) Uh huh.

Kevin: Even a wooden table.

Karla: Riiiight.

Kevin: It’s true.

Karla: (looks at him) Put it down on that seat over there. I wanna see it turn into a screen.

Kevin: (shakes head) Won’t work. It’s not a table.

Karla scoffs at him and goes back to her phone.

Kevin: It can even predict the lottery numbers.

Karla: (without looking up) So you’ll be buying a car tomorrow?

Kevin: (smiles) Prolly.

Karla: Good, then you won’t be on the bus.


Next stop: Sunday, April 8th, 9:00am

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