Life in progress


221. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Monday, April 9th, 5:00pm
Ethyl and Betty (and Yuka and Asako)


Ethyl: You see those tarts over there?

Betty: (stage whispers) Mom, they can hear you.

Ethyl: That doesn’t matter; they don’t understand me.

Betty: (stage whispers) Just because they’re from a different country doesn’t mean they don’t speak English.

Ethyl: Pfft. Listen to ’em! They’re speaking some Arab language. Couple of sluts.

Betty: (stage whispers) MOM!

Yuka and Asako stand.

Yuka: (to Ethyl as she passes on the way to the door) You’re a very rude lady.

Ethyl: Hey! You can’t talk to me like that!

Betty: (as Yuka and Asako disembark) Well, you weren’t very nice to them.

Ethyl: She called me rude in English! At least I didn’t call them sluts in their language!


Next stop: Tuesday, April 10th, 5:00pm

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Holy Shamoly, It’s About Time!

Finally! Green tea KitKat has made it to Canada!

I had to buy two one just to give it a try. You know, to make sure they taste the same as the heavenly ones I bought in Japan.

Aaaand, they’re different. Not as sweet, and heavier on the green tea flavour. At least I think they are.

Of course, the only way to be sure is to go back to Japan …