Life in progress


Killing Time

Do we kill time? Or does time kill itself?

Think about it. A moment only goes by because another moment has taken its place.

Like time is stomping on itself

stomping itself out

to get to the next and the next.

“Ticking” is just a less scary way of perceiving it.


Sweet dreams.  🙂

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224. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Thursday, April 12th, 5:00pm
Quinn and Serge


Serge: You up for a game of poker Friday night?

Quinn: No, man. I’m too tired.

Serge: Wife still on your case about painting the kitchen?

Quinn: I wish that’s all it was. Yvonne’s just friggin’ nuts since she’s been pregnant.

Serge: You should come to the game. Be a good way to escape.

Quinn snorts.

Serge: I got some cute honeys coming over.

Quinn: (regards him, thinking) I’ll let you know if I can get away.


Next stop: Friday, April 13th, 5:00pm

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