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#SoCS – Reservations


Used to be that I’d have hotel reservations all the time. For a while, my ex was taking over my house when he looked after the kids and I’d go to a hotel for the weekend. Which was lovely for me, but not so lovely on my wallet.  Since I kinda ran out of money (who knew that was coming?), I’m lucky to have reservations to see a movie. That’s what I wanted to talk about though. Movie tickets. Or tickets to anything for that matter.

And the weirdness that is the English language.

Why do we have reservations for a restaurant but we don’t call them reservations to a movie or an event? Because that’s really what a ticket does. It reserves a spot in the place you’re going.

Therefore, I want tickets to a restaurant and a reservation for a movie. So there.

The next thing I have reservations for is a Glorious Sons concert at the end of July.  On June 26th, the Sons–a Kingston, Ontario band–are opening for the Rolling Stones in France. That’s a HUGE DEAL! I predict that for Kingston bands, they’re going to be the next Tragically Hip.

And I have no reservations about saying that.

The last time I had a ticket to stay at a hotel was in October 2016. I’m seriously due for a vacation. With a reservation for a seat on a plane, preferably.

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

14 thoughts on “#SoCS – Reservations

  1. awe a vacation sounds fun right now! I hope you get one soon!


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  3. I hope you have a vacation soon. It seems that half the fun is planning it and anticipation.


  4. I love the rambling! I am pressed for time but, here is my two cents worth!!

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  5. I love the ramble. I’ve had lots of reservations but not many vacations. I blame work.


  6. I think the ticket part is because it’s paper (or used to be) before today’s modern age of mobile everything. They never gave out paper tickets for dinner reservations. But I have saved many a concert ticket stub. Lol. Things that make you go hmmm. Thanks for the ramble.


  7. Great post Linda 💜 English is a nightmare!


  8. Good points. We’re later to a proper vacation than you are, and sometimes I wonder if every five years is just a pattern for us. Thank heavens for weekend trips!


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  10. I just watched the Glorious Sons video Heavy and those guys rock.


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