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The Escapist Coloring Club – mid-month June 2018

It’s close to the middle of the month, so I’m here with a gentle reminder that there’s still time to link your colouring projects to the original prompt from June 1st, here. The comments in this post are turned off to ensure all pingbacks go to the original post.

Here’s what I’m working on to show you, hopefully all coloured in, on July 1st.

Our June club participants so far, are:

Barbara at Teleportingweena

Janet at Janet’s Smiles

Margret at Margret’s Life Journey

and Willow at Willowdot21

Please visit them to see their wonderful colouring projects. And join us! It’s fun and relaxing.


291. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Monday, June 18th, 6:00pm
CeeGee (and Remy)


CeeGee sits at the window, talking on her phone. Remy takes the seat beside her.

CeeGee: (into her phone) Boots. What are you wearing? (pause) Yes, that’s all I’m wearing. (pause) That noise in the background? Its the beating of my heart. (pause) I’m in bed, where are you? (pause) Oh yes, take it out, big boy.

Remy: (shaking his head and mumbling) Unbelievable.

CeeGee: (glares at Remy) Oh that’s just the TV. So where were we? Oh yeah, I was just pinching my …

Remy: (singing) Feelings. Nothing more than feelings.

CeeGee: (eyes wide, if-looks-could-kill glare at Remy) It’s the radio. (pause) Yes, I listen to the radio while I’m watching TV. The point is, I’m not wearing anything except boots. Now let’s get on with it, shall we? (pause) Yeah … that’s more like it. Show me what you got, baby!

Remy: (loudly) Tickets! Get your tickets here!

CeeGee: Oh yes, baby, yes! (pause) It’s nothing, just do it, baby, do it! Oh I’m so hot!

Remy: (louder) Ice cream!

CeeGee: (faces the window) I can’t turn the TV down, it seems to be stuck. But that doesn’t matter, baby. What matters is I need you! (pauses) What do you mean, “What am I really wearing?” I’m wearing my boots, just for you! (pauses) Oh, baby, don’t hang up! No, no, no, don’t! … (looks at phone. Sighs. Turns to Remy) Ice cream? Seriously?

Remy: Nice boots.


Next stop: Tuesday, June 19th, 5:00pm

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