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283. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Sunday, June 10th, 10:00am
Drommen and Phillipa


Phillipa: That was one hell of a night, Trigger.

Drommen: I know that’s the name of a horse, but it doesn’t do much for appearances when it comes to longevity.

Phillipa: Oh you’ve got that. At least after the first three times.

Drommen smiles self-satisfactorily.

Phillipa: And you make one hell of a breakfast.

Drommen: Thank you. What time do you get off work?

Phillipa: (shrugs) Later.

Drommen: Do you want to get together?

Phillipa: Already? Next thing you’ll be asking me to meet your family.

Drommen clasps his hands on his lap.

Phillipa: Cool it, Sport. I’ll give you a call sometime. (kisses him on the cheek. Whispers:) Thank you.

Phillipa gets off the bus.


Next stop: Monday, June 11th, 5:00pm

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