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301. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Thursday, June 28th, 3:00pm
Tiffany and Vera


Tiffany: My God, I’m like, so glad school’s over, you know?

Vera: I know! Did you hear about Professor Plum? He was all over Scarlet.

Tiffany: No way!

Vera: (nods exaggeratedly and pops gum) Uh huh. I heard they were in the cafeteria? And she was, like, tied to one of the tables with a rope and he was covering her in mustard.

Tiffany: Ew!! Isn’t he, like, married to Mrs. Peacock?

Vera: Pfft. Yeah, but he’s been screwing around with Mrs. White for years. And you know what else I heard?

Tiffany: What?

Vera: Lissy told me Casper caught him in kitchen … with Mr. Green!

Tiffany: No way! He’s also gay? I had no clue!


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