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Echo-cho-ho #JusJoJan 2019 Jot #21


Before I get into my post, I want to start by saying that it’s Monday morning and I’m feeling positive! Alex is getting better, though he’s still not back to school. It was cold enough that the buses aren’t running today, so it’s likely too cold for a kid who’s getting over pneumonia to breathe out there. Tomorrow, though! Fer sher.

I remember the first time I heard my voice echo. I don’t remember where I was, but I do remember the frustration of not being able to hear the beginning of the word I uttered because it was always muffled by the end of the last echo. I recall trying to hear it by using shorter and shorter words, but even “Hi” came out “Hi-i-i.”

But the word “echo” got me thinking about other things. Because there’s really nothing truly unique in the world, everything is an echo of what came before it. Never exactly the same, just like a real echo. History repeats itself, stories are retold in different ways, yet nothing is original.

Makes you wonder how it all started, doesn’t it? I blame the chicken. Or was it the egg?

“Echo” is the prompt word for today, brought to us by Lady Lee. Thanks, Lady Lee! Click here to find her JusJoJan post for today. And say hi while you’re there!


It’s never too late to participate in Just Jot it January! Click the following link to find out how, and see all the other participants’ links in the comment section. It’s fun!

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

15 thoughts on “Echo-cho-ho #JusJoJan 2019 Jot #21

  1. Glad Alex is feeling better. So tomorrow won’t be an echo of today. We hope. I think it has to be the chicken by the way. Can you imagine a planet of eggs and seeds all over and nothing roaming before?


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  3. 😁 good question – I assume it was the chemistry set 😜


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  5. There might be an echo in your comments today. I’m glad to hear that Alex is on the mend.


  6. That’s good news about Alex, hope he continues on the up.
    Yes there is nothing new in the world ..
    That’s a thought provoking post, well done Linda 💜💜💜


  7. Glad Alex is on the mend 😍


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