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Zoomie – #JusJoJan 2019 Jot #24


When I posted the prompt last night for “zoomie,” brought to us by the lovely Bee (click here for her zoomie post), I did an obligatory check in the dictionary. It was as I thought — not there.

So I checked Google and discovered it’s the most awesome and appropriate word for what a dog does when it zooms around with excitement. I think the only dog I’ve ever had who didn’t do it indoors (thank goodness) was my Saint Bernard, George.

I was a bit zoomie myself as a child. I loved running. I wish I still loved it, but years of childhood exposure to second-hand smoke finished my lungs off. I have no doubt I’d be a runner otherwise.

Today, I’ve been zooming here and there for Alex’s sake. Yet another snow day. I’m hoping to be able to visit my mother in the hospital tomorrow. If it’s another snow day, I may just run away from home.

… okay, walk away from home. Semantics.

This Just Jot it January post was fun to write. Would you like to try? It’s never too late! Click on the following link to find out how, and to read all the other “zoomie” posts!


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30 thoughts on “Zoomie – #JusJoJan 2019 Jot #24

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  2. I’m sorry you can’t run away…. and I hope you got to see your Mom.

    My dogs are zoomiest at the dog park….thankfully? The question mark is there because they WRESTLE in the house – the small house…. oh, and they are a pit bull and a 9 month old Lab puppy.


  3. When I was a teen, we had a Great Pyrenes. One night after getting home too late from a date I attempted to sneak in the back door. Lady (dog’s name) thought that was the time to do zoomies (didn’t know the word for it then) all through the neighborhood. I kept trying to catch up to her but I wasn’t fast enough. But at one point this guy I never trusted from school walked toward me. Lady stopped the zoom and ran to my side and growled the most vicious growl. She then took me home. I tried never to be late home again. That was too scary–yet fun,

    Hoping Alex continues to get well and your mom gets better. And you can get back to something resembling normal for you. πŸ™‚


  4. Love it! As a long-time owner of Greyhounds and Lurchers, I’m very familiar with the zoomie phenomenon, and it’s one of the most joyful sights I know.


  5. It is a great word for describing the dog (unfortunately) in the house. I saw a tweet saying Alex was back on the bus – good news. I hope your mom is getting better.


  6. great story!!!!!! I had thoughts when I saw the word but they were weird not about a dog. πŸ™‚

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  7. I hope your mum gets better soon and that Alex stays ok. I am sending all of you healing energy every morning. Blimey, does any St Bernard do zoomies? That must be extraordinary scary. I fear for our lives and property every time Sherky does one and she is only half of a St. Bernard…. πŸ˜—β€

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  8. When I was in the WAC, zoomie was an affectinately derogatory term the Army personnel used against Air Force staff at an Air Force base.

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  9. Oh I’m surrounded by zoomies in my classroom daily!


  10. It’s a lovely word isn’t! Hope Alex and your Mum are improving ,πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


  11. I will join my dog I think, hahaha! zoom around wait to be fed and then zoom around some more!

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