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SoCS & JusJoJan the 29th – Oh, the eyeballs

No word of a lie, I’ve spent twelve hours today sitting at my computer, formatting the three books in The Great Dagmaru Series into a boxed set.

I just couldn’t let go until it was done.

But it’s done, and it’ll be on sale next week.

I just hope it looks good, because my eyeballs are really to fall out.

I mean, this only took about an hour

to create. Who’da thunk the 980 pages on the inside would have taken so long to figure out? I roomful of monkeys with typewriters coulda done it!

(In case you’re wondering, it’ll just be an ebook. Not a cool set of paperbacks in a box, because that would cost a fortune.)

Anywho, this was all prompted by the fact that the series (and the third book, The Magician’s Soul) is up for a Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award. The voting doesn’t start until Wednesday, so I’ll post about it again then with a link to vote. This will be the last chance to win for this series, so fingers crossed.

So my feet are going numb now.

I think that’s a sign to get up off my chair and move around a bit.

Time to let go of the keyboard.


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