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255. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Sunday, May 13th, 2:00pm
Colm and Harvey


Harvey: Feels lovely to be full after a Sunday brunch, doesn’t it?

Colm: It would feel even better if you hadn’t upset the party.

Harvey: You think it was upset?

Colm: Did you see the look on my mother’s face?

Harvey: Yes, but everyone else seemed all right with it. Your brother thought it was hilarious.

Colm: Still, promise me you won’t do it again.

Harvey: (shrugs) What’s a little nudity amongst family?

Colm stares.

Harvey: And it’s such a nice day for a swim.

Colm: Skinny dipping in the bird bath is a bit much though, don’t you think?

Harvey: If I’d gone in the pool, you’d have told me off for swimming on a full stomach.

Colm: You have a point.

Harvey: Anyway, it was for your mother that I did it. It is Mother’s Day, after all.

Colm: Oh right. Who knew she wouldn’t appreciate having a grown man take off all his clothes and jump in her bird bath.

Harvey: You’re being sarcastic, aren’t you.

Colm stares at Harvey for a moment, then looks away.

Harvey: (sighs) You used to think I was entertaining, once upon a time.


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