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153. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Wednesday, January 31st, 5:00pm
Phil (and Fiona)


Phil sits at the window. Fiona takes the seat beside him.

Fiona: Man is it a chilly one out there.

Phil: (glances at her briefly) It is.

Fiona: You could catch the flu on this bus faster ‘n you can say Jack Frost.

Phil: That’s true.

Fiona: Better ‘n drivin’ a car though.

Phil: (turns to her) Why do you say that?

Fiona: I had a car once. Had a bad accident ‘n tore up my leg somethin’ fierce. Even my hip ain’t never bin the same since.

Phil: Hmph.

Fiona: Can barely walk now.

Phil: Huh.

Fiona: Yep, we’re lucky we don’t drive no cars.

Phil: The flu can be pretty bad too.

Fiona: (thinks for a moment) At least you’s got ’bout a week to say goodbye to y’ur loved ones though. Car accident (snaps fingers) jes like that. Over. Done for.

Phil: (smiles ruefully) Thank you for that.


Next stop: Thursday, February 1st, 6:00pm

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Is It Just Me?

Is it just me or does it seem like this is the worst time of year for colds? Every year at Christmas time, someone in my family gets sick. It’s awful when it’s me, because I’m the one everyone counts on to do all the shopping, the wrapping, and the cooking, on top of everything else. This year (knock on wood) it’s not me though. It’s Alex, my little guy.

If it’s just a cold, I’ll be able to keep him home. It’ll be rough, with sleepless nights and plenty of whining, but we’ll make it. If it’s the flu, off to the hospital we’ll go for a nice leisurely stay (for him, he loves the hospital) and for me it’ll be running back and forth for this and that, because they don’t have the equipment to feed him, they can’t get the formula he drinks, and they can’t make up his medicine without the recipe. They also don’t have his size in diapers. Oh, and of course they don’t have sign language interpreters, and none of the nurses, nor any of the doctors (so far) know American Sign Language. It’s loads of fun for Alex – he laughs at them when they try to sign to him – unless he’s very sick, and then I receive phone calls in the middle of the night asking for translations.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? I certainly hope so. Wish us luck!