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Distraction and Randomness


Am I the only one who is incredibly distracted by all the articles on Robin Williams? I think it’s the vast contradiction between the man who made us laugh and the exceptionally sad circumstances of his death that have me reeling so much over the news. I’ve tried to write more on the subject, but no matter what I write, it just makes no sense.

In other news, I went upstairs to go to bed the other night (it must have been more than a week ago by now) and Alex was talking in his sleep. Keep in mind that he doesn’t speak – he only signs. I actually walked to my room to the sound of applause. I’ve seen him do it before though. It’s quite funny to watch him have a conversation with someone in his dream. He giggles a lot as well.

When I was at the Museum of Nature in Ottawa I saw a Splitfin Flashlight fish. Try saying that three times fast.

Don’t forget to get your entries in for the badge design contest tomorrow!

That’s really all I can come up with at the moment. (See first paragraph.)


Author: Linda G. Hill

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31 thoughts on “Distraction and Randomness

  1. Yes, I think we are all shocked by Robin Williams’ death. It is just such a contradiction from what we accepted him to be to where he actually was in his mind. It’s scary because I think all of us felt we “knew” what/who he was to some degree and now nothing seems stable. Looking back now, we think, ‘Gosh, he was in rehab and perhaps someone missed something there,” or “Geez, he’s had 3 marriages, it’s obvious that he wasn’t happy,” etc. Makes us nervous to think perhaps we’re missing some vital pieces closer to us that perhaps might save us from suffering something like this even closer to home.


    • It sure has made us all think, hasn’t it? And I suppose that’s really what it is – we’re all looking for the signs everywhere now, trying to be more aware. Thanks for pointing this out.


  2. It’s not just you. I tried to write about Robin Williams and just couldn’t find the words. All I could do was watch the news with my mind in some kind of whirl. And keep watching the news. And keep watching.


  3. Definitely not. My mind has been all all over the place the past couple of days and my writing is just a big jumble of thoughts. Hoping to get some clarity soon and hope you do too ūüôā


  4. Distraction makes total sense. The other thing that might help bring sense to the “contradiction” is just because people appear to be happy (i.e. they make others laugh) does not mean that they don’t have other things going on. Money and fame aren’t even relevant. Depression doesn’t discriminate. It reaches across all kinds of lines. There have been many people who are surprised when they find out that I have to actively fight depression on a daily basis. They think that I have a great life and that everything is going well because I seem to play that part. I try to face the world optimistically, but the demon still haunts me. I think that’s part of the tragedy in what has happened. That when someone is fighting depression, there’s an assumption that it can be just be fixed, and that’s not the case. It can be managed, but never totally ignored. Sorry for the ramble.


    • No problem Deborah – his death has brought a lot of facts about depression to light and brought a lot of people out of the closet, so to speak. I guess you could say that it’s that very contradiction that keeps people who are depressed functioning in society. Surely something we all need to take into consideration.


  5. I’m curious as to whether Alex signing in his sleep was like a hearing person talking in his sleep — were only parts of it intelligible? Is there sign slurring, or is it clearer? And also, how great to be clapping in one’s sleep!


    • He just seems to sign a few words here and there – no sentences. It’s really hard to say… I’m surprised he didn’t wake himself up clapping – it was so loud that it must have been quite the impact.


  6. I’d say I have a focused distraction. I’ve been writing about him, sharing important news and posts about him, but also about depression and how it’s important to talk about it. This has driven me to talk about it. Talk helps. And being honest about how you feel is very important. I have a big post about him coming in the next couple of days. It may be long, or it might not be.

    But I have to admit that this hasn’t been good for my job, feeling distracted and always thinking about him.


  7. Thanks for saying so, Linda. I’ve done NOTHING today except watch video clips and read posts about his passing. I’m concerned for people out there who might be a bit too close to the edge. I’ve been close to tears most of the day.


  8. I too am distracted by the news of Robin Williams’ death. It is so shocking and sad not only because of who he was and how he died, but also because just weeks ago, he was in rehab, probably reaching out for help. It just is so tragic.


  9. Yes indeed! Speechless indeed! ANd that is not the norm for this professor!


  10. I agree. Though I think it’s understandable. His death has led to a public discussion on what chronic depression is too, so you might see more of that.


  11. Your distraction is well understood.


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