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One-Liner Wednesday – Random

Because life is random.

Photo: A kitchen chair sitting on a 6ft. x 6ft. x 6ft box (I think it’s a transformer thing) on the edge of an empty soccer field.

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#JusJoJan 16 & #SoCS – The first thing


The first thing I should do in the morning when I sit at my computer with coffee in hand is open up whatever I’m working on. Supposed to be working on. Because if I don’t and I end up on social media instead, I get lost. And the next thing I know, I’ve finished coffee, breakfast, and it’s half way to lunch time and I’ve got nothing done.

Why? Why is social media so damned addictive? Is it really the whole FOMO (fear of missing out) thing? Or is there a secret ingredient on those pages somewhere that they’re not telling us about?

Salt. Probably salt. Or chocolate.

If I’m lucky during the day, I get out for a walk. I got a picture of the snowmen again … they’re a little worse for wear. You can see what they looked like last week here.

And now? It seems Mrs. Smith Sr. has lost her head as has little Bobby Smith, and Mrs. Smith and little Susie are nowhere to be found.

Things do not bode well, at first glance.

Last thing I do at night before I go to sleep? Read a book. Necessary to get out of my own head. It’s very crowded in here. Especially with the FOMO.


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#JusJoJan 9 & #SoCS – Limitless


Let’s start with unlimited bread sticks, shall we?

They call them limitless, but what happens when the kitchen runs out of them? Do you go to another restaurant? Do you get your meal for free for false advertising? That would be a disaster of a night for the establishment.

We call things countless the same way we often use the word “literal.” Given enough time and patience, most things on earth can be counted. Literally.

I’m talking about physical things, though. What about dreams? What about ideas? What about love?

What about that moment you look into the eyes of someone you love? It may only be a moment, but it can last forever in memory. Does that memory die when we do? I don’t think so.

BUT! Can bread sticks be limitless if you love them enough?

Now there’s a question.

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#JusJoJan 2 & #SoCS – In the corner


In the corner of my mind …

In a dark corner of my mind …

I wonder all kinds of things.

Like, why does my mind have a corner? It’s not square, is it?

Or maybe it is square.

A box that I keep my memories in, that might start leaking as I get old.


That kind of makes sense, if you think about it.

The corners of my mind are cluttered. Stuff I stick there to “do later” that never get done.

Never get done because they get hidden by dust bunnies.

Dust bunnies in my brain … that explains a lot.

Maybe a lobotomy is just a good spring cleaning.

Like a house fire that takes all the photographs with it.

Wow, this is getting depressing.

I think I’ll keep my dust bunnies, thanks.

Problem is, they multiply like bunnies …

Hey! Bunnies! Stop doing that in my brain!

No wonder I write romance.


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Nostalgia’s got Nothin’ on the Narwhal

Okay, so I wrote the title and I’ve got nothing. I just didn’t want to delete the title, because I like it.

Who’s to say what a narwhal can remember? Are they capable of a nostalgic moment?

When I was just a little narwhal with a nose-spike only yea long, I used to swim upstream to school, both ways!

(Get it? School? … Fine, narwhals are mammals. Sue me.)

We know elephants are supposed to have good memories.

How about rhinos?

Are rhinos just land-narwhals?

We may never know.

Thanks to the three lovely ladies who gave me my three “N” words for today’s not-A-Z post. You’ll find their links under the words “nothing,” “narwhal,” and “nostalgic.”

I’m in need of suggestions for “O” day, for my absolutely not the A-Z Challenge post tomorrow. One word per person, and please keep ’em clean.

Thank you!


U is for Unceasing

Unceasing. It’s the word I’m stuck with today… Thinking about things that are unceasing.

For me there is a negative connotation to this word – unrelenting, constant, persistent, incessant… then again, to have these qualities may drive us to get what we want in life. Or drive us mad trying.

Even being unceasingly positive can be a negative thing – there must be a balance to everything, even if it’s weighed heavily to one side. Because eventually, it all falls back in the other direction, doesn’t it? How would we have hope in our darkest times otherwise? The phrase – when you’re at rock bottom there’s only one way to go: up – comes to mind and it’s true. Unless you go splat of course.

Wow, that’s depressing.

How about some good news? The unceasing pain in my shoulder is gone. It turns out the tendonitis that caused the frozen shoulder was a blessing in disguise. Having my shoulder frozen meant that I couldn’t aggravate my tendons because I couldn’t move. SO, now that the tendonitis is gone and with it, the excruciating pain, I can move my shoulder more and the more I move it the more unfrozen it gets. Yay!! I’m still going to need physio – I’ve got a long way to go before my arm will move normally and my muscle tone has gone to pot, but it’s a start! I can honestly say I’ll be working relentlessly to get myself back to health. Unceasingly even.



A is for Aisle

Clean up in aisle two!

Don’t you hate it when you go into a store and the displays are set up so that the aisles are barely wide enough to get your cart through? And God forbid you should have a double stroller with two toddlers! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to back out of the narrow corridor that makes up the cereal section or worse, the cookies I just barely got my kids past in the first place.

I don’t understand why retailers can’t grasp the concept that shoppers are more likely to knock over their little cardboard shelving units than buy something off them. We don’t see the products on them – what we see are obstacles!

The above is my off-the-cuff response to my word of the day, found at random in my thesaurus on the left-hand, chosen-at-random page under “A”, second word from the bottom. I have, however, learned something new from this exercise.

One of the synonyms under the word “aisle” is the word “ambulatory.” As someone who has spent a great deal of time in hospitals, I’ve often heard the word in medical terms, as an adjective meaning to be able to walk or get around under one’s own steam. But apparently, used as a noun, it also means “a place to walk.”

Who knew?

Armed with this new knowledge, you can be sure the manager at my local grocery store will hear about it the next time he sticks an obstruction in the middle of the damned ambulatory.

Clean up in ambulatory two! Lady no longer ambulatory!


I Haven’t Forgotten!

Dare I say it? My eyesight seems to be back. On Saturday it was horrible, then Sunday it was better and I thought to myself, ‘Oh great! I’m on the mend!’ but yesterday I could barely see again. I got some Lutein from the local pharmacy and have had two doses so far – it seems to have helped but I don’t want to push it too hard and strain my eyes before they’re ready.

All this to say, I haven’t forgotten about all the great bloggers who participated on SoCS on the weekend. Usually I’d have read everyone’s posts long before now, but it’s hard to read when I can’t see, unfortunately.

I did manage to get through all the answers to my questions on “10 Random Whats.” If you want a really good laugh, go read some of the witty responses I received! Great fun! Thanks to all who were kind enough to join in the silliness!

My other good news is, I’m finished the 4th edit on my novel, The Great Dagmaru! I just have to print it off and read it one more time and, as long as I don’t find any major problems, it should be going out to beta readers within the next month! I’m so excited!!

I hope to be able to get around to everyone’s blogs soon. Feel free to fill me in in the comments if I’ve missed anything important in the last couple of weeks. It’s been so hard not reading you all!!


10 Random Whys

1. Why are people surprised when they get a groan instead of a laugh at the end of a joke? It’s called a PUNCHline after all.

2. Why can’t I kiss my own elbow?

3. Why are there so many fruit flies in the world when there’s nothing to eat them?

4. Why do the things that are so bad for us, taste so good?

5. Why must our faculties go to pot as we get older?

6. Why does a bottle of water cost more than the same amount of gasoline?

7. Why can’t we just all get along?

8. Why do we call flies flies, and yet there’s not a bug called a “walk”?

9. Why do men have such a hard time asking for directions?

10. Why are there not more hours in a day when we need them?


One point for every question you answer. Bonus points if you can come up with another “why” question for me to answer.

Aaand GO!


10 Random Hows

1. How is it that today went by with only four hours in it? Because I could swear I just finished my Rice Krispies and it’s already 10:37pm.

2. How close does one really have to be to the curb when they parallel park on the street? I think three feet is fair, don’t you?

3. How many times can a person listen to “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen before they require admittance to a mental facility?

4. How long does it take for a kid to grow up? I’m talking boys here.

5. How now brown cow?

6. How does Twitter work? Seriously. Is there anyone on the planet who really knows?

7. How much money would it take to send all the spammers and bots into outer space?

8. How can you put the words “into” and “outer” together side-by-side in a sentence? See above.

9. How did someone come up with the saying, “There are easier ways to kill a cat than to choke it with butter”?

10. How will you decide which one of these questions to answer? I dare you to answer at least half…