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I Haven’t Forgotten!


Dare I say it? My eyesight seems to be back. On Saturday it was horrible, then Sunday it was better and I thought to myself, ‘Oh great! I’m on the mend!’ but yesterday I could barely see again. I got some Lutein from the local pharmacy and have had two doses so far – it seems to have helped but I don’t want to push it too hard and strain my eyes before they’re ready.

All this to say, I haven’t forgotten about all the great bloggers who participated on SoCS on the weekend. Usually I’d have read everyone’s posts long before now, but it’s hard to read when I can’t see, unfortunately.

I did manage to get through all the answers to my questions on “10 Random Whats.” If you want a really good laugh, go read some of the witty responses I received! Great fun! Thanks to all who were kind enough to join in the silliness!

My other good news is, I’m finished the 4th edit on my novel, The Great Dagmaru! I just have to print it off and read it one more time and, as long as I don’t find any major problems, it should be going out to beta readers within the next month! I’m so excited!!

I hope to be able to get around to everyone’s blogs soon. Feel free to fill me in in the comments if I’ve missed anything important in the last couple of weeks. It’s been so hard not reading you all!!

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25 thoughts on “I Haven’t Forgotten!

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  2. Linda, as well as my ailing eyesight I have something called blepharitis and dry eyes. It means when I wake most mornings my eyes are really blurry. I’ve been using a face cloth wrung out in hot water on my eyes and gently massaging. Don’t know if that will help you but I know it really feels good! πŸ˜‰


  3. do not worry about anyone else … think about yourself!!


  4. I really hope that your eyesight continues to improve.


  5. Best of luck with the novel, ermergerd! How awesome ❀


  6. Wish you all the best Linda. Maybe you need to support your eyes with something extra, to use the screen can be tough for the eyes over longer time. Natural fresh blueberry or in pills support our eyes very much and is very healthy in same time. You can read more about it online or visit a health shop.


  7. Could it be; could it be; could it be that you need a better light on your computer screen or even less light? Could it be all the reading you are doing is straining your eyes and you need complete rest for a period of time?

    I try not to remind my husband about it, but once he had to rest his vocal cords for a couple of weeks and just write notes to people he wanted to talk to. Imagine a man not being able to talk!


  8. I had optic neuritis several years ago and it was scary. It took several weeks for my eye sight to return. It was in one eye. So it must be bad if you have it in both eyes. By bad I mean hard on you. Hope it is better soon.


  9. Get well soon Linda.


  10. I have had optic neuritis with my MS before. We take our eyes for granted. Hope you get better soon


  11. I sympathize with your lack of eyesight. My daughter is still 3/4 blind and in severe pain with one eye, and they still haven’t arrived at a diagnosis or cure. It’s going on 6 months now…..a long time not to be able to read a book.She is listening to audiotapes. I hope your sight clears soon.


  12. Hope you get better soon. Eye issues are frustrating.


  13. Eye see you’re having problems. Hope your eyes heal up!


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