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Nano Poblano – Day 20: Oh Woe is Thursday


Thursday is the hardest day to blog for me lately. I have a major paper delivery to do on Thursdays – one free one for every house on my route, with fliers. They’re heavy, bulky, and 124 houses add up to a lot of front steps. Then I come home and nine times out of ten I have absolutely nothing to talk about because, believe it or not, delivering tomes that weigh as much as an entire collection of encyclopedias to each and every house on the block is usually uneventful. Unless you want to hear about how many cats I petted (5), or how many squirrels crossed my path, (35 1/2… don’t ask), then you’re not going to get much of anything out of me on a Thursday.

Is there a day of the week that’s more difficult, or less inspiring than all the others for you? Why do you think that is? I wanna know.

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31 thoughts on “Nano Poblano – Day 20: Oh Woe is Thursday

  1. I was thinking that young people have no idea what an entire collection of encyclopedias weighs. They have only ever used online ones.

    Day of the week doesn’t affect my blogging as such, although I don’t have a specific blogging discipline by days of the week or any other method. Truth be told, there is very little in my life that happens consistently on the same day of the week.


  2. I don’t care for Tuesdays. The redeeming quality of my current Tuesdays is that I get to sleep in. I like Thursdays best. (Probably because I do not deliver papers!)


  3. It’s random for me but it’s the day/evening following the busy days at work because I usually can’t write about the stuff that happened.


  4. Thursdays are good for me. Mondays are the hardest.


  5. At least Thursday is nearly over now! Well, it may already be over where you are.
    And as a high school student, Sunday evenings are undeniably the worst. Every week, without fail, there are assignments I’ve put off all weekend and are due first thing Monday and suddenly it’s 9 pm and I’m wondering what on earth I did the rest of the weekend. I know, not a very original answer – nearly any teenager you talk to will probably have one along the same lines – but it’s depressingly true.


  6. Thursday. My energy is always crap and things always seem to go wrong. Like the Internet repeatedly cutting out or a sudden list of errands.


  7. I loved this and needed it right at this moment!!


  8. Monday is the the worst day ever.


  9. Right now every day is difficult!!


  10. 35 1/2…that sounds messy. Wednesday is the day that I least care for. That is only because it seems that so many people have jumped on the “Worldless Wednesday” bandwagon that not as many people read posts on that day. They ‘like’ the pictures and keep going. But, I don’t post pictures, so for me it’s a pretty sad day in the blogging world. However, that is exactly why I love your One-Liner Wednesdays! They are a life saver (or blog saver) to me.


  11. Actually, outside of this month I never blog on Saturdays because I’m busy doing other things, most usually family stuff along with running a tabletop RPG at night.

    And I’m sorry only 35 1/2 squirrels ran across your path. But when you say, “Don’t ask,” I want to ask…

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