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Nano Poblano – Day 19: Leaving Home


I saw these tracks in the snow this morning; they seemed odd.


I studied them for a while before I came to a definite conclusion as to what they meant. Obviously they were made by a disgruntled squirrel, dragging his wagon behind him.

And then I saw the note.


I’d say that pretty much confirms it. This snow is for the birds.

This post in aid of the cause:

Author: LindaGHill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

18 thoughts on “Nano Poblano – Day 19: Leaving Home

  1. Well there is no room for him here! ….


  2. Hilarious Linda!


  3. Squirrels are smarter than us, I think. This was bound to happen.


  4. (*tries not to break out laughing at first image and supposition*)
    (*reads further and fails at last image*)
    (*family ignores as they are used to this*)


  5. I suppose if a squirrel’s nuts are frozen he has to look for a warmer climate.


  6. I often feel the same way when I see the white stuff blanketing everything. Just pack up and say, “I’m out!” and head off to sunnier pastures. Alas, though, silly things like money and responsibilities keep me where I am to brave through it.


  7. I’d sign that squirrel to a book deal. Or whatever it is that squirrels write.


  8. Hilarious! Even the squirrels knows it. Ours are still coming around. Crazy lil’ guys. It’s been frigid here!

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