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JusJoJan 18 – What’s Your Useless Talent?


It seems, to me anyway, that the last few days have been wrought with uncertainty and a balance in which negativity outweighed the positive. Time to lighten things up – who’s with me?

Almost everyone has a completely useless talent. It’s not easy to find an appropriate reason to show them off, is it? So here’s your chance.

My useless talent is the ability to recite the ingredients of a Big Mac – backwards. A girl who sat in front of me in the fifth grade had them written on the back of a t-shirt and, as boring as geography was, I memorized them.

What’s your useless talent? Show ’em off in the comments!

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Author: LindaGHill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

76 thoughts on “JusJoJan 18 – What’s Your Useless Talent?

  1. Getting upset when the on-the-fly, in depth plan that I just spent the last five or ten minutes putting together turns out to not be needed.


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  3. Strangely enough, when I peruse my list of ‘talents’ the most useless one is writing and reading backwards. When I was studying in school and making study notes, I found writing them backwards seem to help me memorize them. Probably geography was in there somewhere. Don’t think it worked for chemistry or physics. But then physics might has well have been backwards to start with.

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  4. I have loads of useless talents, but to be honest, I can’t think of a single one right now. I just loved your post and the comments! I severely needed to laugh. Thanks, Linda! 🙂


  5. My years of working in retail has granted me the gift of being able to organize ANYONE’S closet lol. I use different hooks, hangers, and folding techniques that have stuck with me for over 10 years now haha 😛


  6. I can swear in a number of languages but only really *bad* swear words. As such, if you want to completely escalate a situation in Thailand, mainland China or Hong Kong, I’m your man.


  7. Well… I can part my index and middle finger on my right hand far far further than on my left… comes from throwing forkballs extensively in my youth, used to shove a softball between my fingers to loosen them up. It’s a trick that goes over great at parties, really it does…. god I suck.


  8. I can balance a stack of coins on the back of my arm, flip them over and catch them, usually in my fist. It takes about 3 seconds and sometimes the entire batch goes scattering across the floor but usually I’m successful. It’s all really quite impressive and very useless. By the way, I had one of those Big Mac shirts….nice to know I was perhaps helpful to someone else in furthering a useless talent!


  9. Talking like Donald Duck can’t be a useless talent! Two year olds eat it up. That’s tantamount to saying yo-yoing is a useless talent. Using old words like tantamount is my useless talent. Cool post.


  10. I have two: (1) the ability to read upside down and backwards, as when someone is sitting across from you reading a newspaper, and (2) I can talk like Donald Duck.

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  11. I can remember the words to all my favorite songs from when I was a teen. What makes this useless is that I can’t carry a tune.

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  12. I can whistle like a bird. 😉


  13. I am wonderful at Spoonerisms. I sing them beautifully. For instance “Delta Dawn, what’s that flower you’ve got on?” converts readily to “what’s that glower you’ve fot on?” Isn’t that delightful?


  14. Great series. I love the spontaneity behind the post as well!


  15. Thanks for the cheer-up Linda. My useless talent is being able to say the longest Welsh place name with an almost Welsh accent:
    Hard to believe, I know. On all fronts.


  16. Useless talent? hmmm…well I can fold the paper covering from drinking straws into these cool snake-looking things. That’s pretty useless…

    Great post 🙂


  17. I think my good handwriting is a useless talent.

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  18. Hmmmm I have a plethora of useless talents, although, most can be put to some use now and then; my favorite is the ability to make a sound like a wild cat.


  19. I have no tallant useful , useless or otherwise!


  20. I know a lot about the game of Cricket. As a kid I played and read about it. I wasn’t so great at it but I knew heaps of useless stuff. I find now that socially all that knowledge leads to a quiet life.


  21. I am really good at pinball, Linda G. Shuffleboard, too. And now you can find neither in a bar anymore. 😦

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  22. yes indeed – I like your blog!! Bravo!!


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