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#SoCS – ‘Tis the season


Shopping. I hate it. So it’s no wonder this is my least favourite time of year. And it’s prolonged by the fact that my kids were born in September, October and November, my best friend in January and my mother in February.

Don’t get me wrong – I love the giving part. I just can’t stand having to decide what everyone else might want. And then there’s that other dreaded question – what would I like for Christmas or my birthday? (Which is in January, the day before my best friend’s.) Um… let’s see… a car? A new house? Just pay off my bills? Oh, okay. Socks will do. (No, seriously. I always need socks. Maybe I subconsciously named this whole prompt “SoCS” in order to give people hints on what to buy me for Christmas.)

I always leave my Christmas shopping to the last minute. My excuse is I don’t want to buy something and then the recipient gets it in the interim, and then I’ll have to take it back. AND come up with another idea. So I wait until everything I can think of has been bought by everyone who got their shopping done early and then I wander around aimlessly until, finally, I buy everyone a mug. Or socks. (Maybe in hopes that I’ll get them back? I don’t know…) The dog is NOT going to like his present this year if I can’t find anything better than socks. But I will take pictures before he eats them if that’s what he ends up with.

Alex wants to put the tree up this weekend. There’s another thing I dread. Untangling the lights and finding out which ones work, because I never manage to throw out the ones that don’t the year before. Hanging up all the old (some broken) ornaments from when the kids were small. Seriously, I’d like to throw a lot of them out and just keep the good ones. But the kids like them, so we end up with a tree that looks like the floor of a toddler’s room after they’ve trashed it. If the kids ever move out, I’ll buy all new decorations. Or decorate my tree with socks.

Ha! Who am I kidding. I’ll keep the lot of them and sob over them… even the broken ones.


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50 thoughts on “#SoCS – ‘Tis the season

  1. Just realized that there are a couple of lights not working anymore… not to replace them… grrr…


  2. Reblogged this on saywhatumean2say and commented:
    Thank Heavens Christmas comes but once a year! ~~dru~~


  3. Yep, socks for me too please.


  4. I, too, hate shopping. All those people. *shudder* the last two years I’ve done all my Christmas shopping online. Reduces a lot of my stress.
    We haven’t put up our tree yet. I dread it, even though we have a fiber optic tree, so we don’t have to mess with the lights. Still, I have to dig it out of the closet and set it up, and this year try to make sure the pup leaves it alone.


  5. Everybody needs socks. Unless maybe you live in Hawaii. I have a friend who gives everybody socks, every year. It’s her thing. I’d be happy with socks.


  6. I loved that, especially the end.
    I cut back drastically on presents shortly after we were married. I think year two or three. At some point, I was wrapping the nine kajillion dollars worth of presents and I looked up at my husband and said, “For all this money, we could have gone to Florida to see my parents.” So I cut back drastically the next year.
    I’m taking back my tree you know. This is year two of MY ornaments. Hehehe.


  7. Boy, do I empathize with that stretch of presents. We have one October, FOUR November, one December, one January, and one February. Yikes.


  8. I think I’ve found my twin. Loved this post. I always need socks too πŸ˜€


  9. OMG Linda, my sister hates Christmas shopping so late near the actual Xmas Eve event. I love shopping. Retail therapy. πŸ™‚


  10. I don’t shop any more for Christmas. We write checks, celebrate with food, company. It works. I use the mall for walking, and people-watch all the stressed-out gifters. ❣️


  11. Keep all the ornaments. It’s what makes your tree special.


  12. Oh I am the same. I only celebrate it because of my daughter. I’m such a bah humbug! ha ha


  13. Oh yeah, and I don’t decorate. I feel it detracts from the REAL meaning of the season (and it’s stressful too!)

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  14. I never liked shopping either. Which is why I’m always on the lookout for gifts so I don’t have to make a special trip (and get tied up in the traffic!) Too stressful that way!


  15. you can always buy underwear if you don’t want to buy socks. yeh, that sends a loving message.


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    Check out Linda’s blog and #SoCS – β€˜Tis theΒ season! -OM
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  17. Read the words my feelings completely!

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  18. Love you emphasis on socks. Enjoyed the read.


  19. We don’t do Christmas per se (long story). I decorate my housesit, and make cards some years, stockpile gifts others. Kinda haphazard. But there is a box somewhere of decorations from when I was a kiddliwink I would never part with broken or no.


  20. I can never get into the Christmas spirit properly until I have shopped for all the presents. Problem is, like you, I never know what to get people and stress myself out worrying about it! πŸ™‚


  21. God invented the Interwebs for shopping (well, that and cat videos). I miss having a Christmas tree.


  22. We have cats, so we don’t decorate, and we gave up Christmas shopping a few years ago, so we don’t have to hassle with the malls or trying to guess what everyone wants. Life is easier that way.


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