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120. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

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Note: Adult theme

Friday, December 29th, 5:00pm
Robert and Ivan


Robert: Donald should be out looking for a place to live, but if he’s home, you and I are just friends.

Ivan: So, why are we going to your place anyway, instead of just going out for dinner?

Robert: He’s gotta know that I’m going to bring guys home.

Ivan: I don’t know why you don’t just tell him to get the hell out.

Robert: I can’t. He might fire me.

Ivan: He can’t do that.

Robert: Maybe not. But I don’t want to take a chance.

Ivan: So instead, you’re flaunting me in front of him?

Robert: I’m hoping he’ll get the hint.

Ivan: You mean, without actually coming out and telling him you’ve got a new boyfriend.

Robert: Right.

Ivan: (shakes head) Remind me never to have an affair with my boss.

Robert: (frowns) Remind me that it’s a bad idea to sleep with an unstable boss just to get a promotion.


Next stop: Saturday, December 30th, 7:00pm

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