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119. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Note: Strong language

Thursday, December 28th, 3:00pm 3:20pm
Hillary (and Bella)


Hillary sits at the window. Bella takes the seat beside her.

Bella: Excuse me, haven’t I seen you on the bus before?

Hillary: Probably.

Bella: I’m looking for a guy, about six feet, dark hair, pretty good-looking. He’s on this bus a lot.

Hillary: He usually sits here?

Bella: That’s the one. Have you seen him lately?

Hillary: Jake’s actually a friend, kind of. I’m looking for him too.

Bella: (frowns) I thought his name was Drommen. Maybe that’s his last name.

Hillary: (frowns and turns up lip) We can’t be talking about the same guy then. I heard that Drommen guy is a pervert. Jake is really nice.

Bella: No way. Drommen is really nice. He can’t be a perv …

Hillary stares out the window. Bella gazes down the aisle.

Both: (turning to speak to each other) Always wears a black trench coat?

Hillary: Shit.

Bella: Shit is right.


Next stop: Friday, December 29th, 5:00pm

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