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Aaaand … this is killing me


I didn’t sign up for the A to Z challenge (for the first time in five years) because I didn’t want to put pressure on myself to post every day. I know I’m going to be busy later on in the month but now? Now I’m itching to write something. Anything.

All the writers’ groups I’m in on Facebook are filled with posts about Camp NaNoWriMo. They’re happily discussing their works in progress and me?

I swear, the itch to write is worse than a mosquito bite that you can’t leave alone. It’s more a mosquito bite that’s so far embedded in your chest that it’s like the damned bug is buzzing around in your esophagus, and you can’t even swat it out because you can’t reach it.

That’s the best I can come up with.

So, can I write a post that starts with “B” tomorrow and not get kicked off the webz? Can I? Can I?


Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

44 thoughts on “Aaaand … this is killing me

  1. Welcome to FOMO! I felt the same way. Didn’t want to put pressure on myself, didn’t like how you to sign up and everything else. So I just came up with my own challenge. I say you go for it!!


  2. I didn’t sign up for the A-Z Challenge either. Honestly, it’s the last thing on my mind now after moving, adjusting to the new place, school, work, etc. There’s always next year for me, lol


  3. Sure you can! And I saw you did and still haven’t been kicked off…


  4. No reason you can’t theme your posts during April to follow the challenge – you just might not get new drop ins from people working through the list of subscribers. I’ve signed up and intended having all my posts pre scheduled but then this thing called life got in the way. I’ll be hanging on by a thread by the end of the first week. Good luck!


  5. There are people who start but don’t finish, why can’t there be people who finish but don’t start? Your blog, your rules.

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  6. Hi Linda. It’s your blog, you can write anything you want! I didn’t sign up either, because I didn’t really have any ideas for it, and the new format isn’t my cup of tea, but I need to get back to my poor neglected blog. I will try to SoCS this week πŸ™‚


  7. I think that all writers should be able to make up their own rules, because they create the stories.


  8. I don’t see why you can’t join in if you want to, Linda, Go for it! πŸ™‚


  9. I didn’t sign up either, but mainly because I write so often anyway!


  10. Oh! Of course you can.🐣


  11. Just do it your way!


  12. Why, yes. Yes, you can!
    GREAT ‘A’ post!


  13. Better “B” there tomorrow.


  14. Oh and nice take on “A”


  15. I was wondering if you were going to show up, Linda. Go ahead and ‘B’ tomorrow and ‘C’ after that if you like.

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