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Holy Shamoly, It’s About Time!


Finally! Green tea KitKat has made it to Canada!

I had to buy two one just to give it a try. You know, to make sure they taste the same as the heavenly ones I bought in Japan.

Aaaand, they’re different. Not as sweet, and heavier on the green tea flavour. At least I think they are.

Of course, the only way to be sure is to go back to Japan …

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

36 thoughts on “Holy Shamoly, It’s About Time!

  1. Wow, I’ve never heard of green tea KitKat, I’m buying one! πŸ™‚


  2. I don’t think I’ve seen them here yet, but that’s not unusual. Canada tends to get new products quicker than we do in Western New York, and then sometimes they only appear for a few months before disappearing again (like the white chocolate KitKats that only come out around Halloween).


  3. Interesting. I would love to try these. Wonder if they will ever make their way to the U.S.?


  4. 良い旅をして、私はあγͺγŸγ«ε‚εŠ γ—γΎγ™
    Yoi tabi o shite, watashi wa anata ni sankashimasu



  5. It doesn’t sound like a great combo to me😳


  6. Never heard of the brand. Time to travel to Japan!;)


  7. My brother sent me some of these from S. Korea last year. They were good. Then we found them here! I was excited!


  8. OMG, I’ve never seen this! Green tea? And chocolate? YUM! I wonder if they’ll make it to Texas – BBQ capitol of the nation LOL


  9. LOL! Never heard of it. Sounds exactly like something I would try.


  10. My son bought some at Disney World….Epcot. He was also disappointed. 😦


  11. I’m not sure about this. Does the green tea offset the calories of the chocolate? If so, I might try. Whatever you have to do in the name of research is fine by me. I mean, I go to the bar for research, so…

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  12. Green tea KitKat? ewww! gross! πŸ˜› is it really strong? the flavour of it? I don’t think I’d eat that!

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  13. never heard of these…
    and wow – sounds kinda cool –


  14. Well… if it’s for research… I think a trip is in order! πŸ˜‰

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