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Ugly Very Smoke


My illegal following of the A to Z Challenge went off the rails yesterday when I missed the letter “U.” May as well handcuff me and drag me off to blogger jail, because I’m back with “U” and “V” combined today. And I’m a bit of a grumpy camper, so make sure those cuffs are good and tight.

And could we PLEEAASE make blogger jail my room? Where my bed is? ‘Coz I’m sleep-deprived.

You see, last night at (hang on, what does it say on my Fitbit?) 1:29am, my eldest son came into my room and told me I had to get up. Confused, I dragged myself down the stairs trying to make sense of why he was saying he wanted to call 911. Turns out he’d preheated the oven not realizing that he’d spilled butter in it the last time he used it.

There was smoke. There was so much smoke that even with three windows and a door open in the kitchen, my eyes were still watering and my throat still hurt. The oven was off but smoke still billowed out of the vent while it cooled down.

According to my trusty Fitbit, I didn’t get back to bed until 2:11. Where I lay and contemplated the fact that my son woke me up, not my fire alarm.

My best friend, John, came over this morning and changed the batteries in the three (count ’em–THREE) alarms that didn’t work last night, but I haven’t started up the oven to check and see if they’re any better at detecting smoke …

My throat hasn’t recovered yet.

I should probably do that tomorrow. When I HOPE the word of the day won’t be “water.”

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

38 thoughts on “Ugly Very Smoke

  1. I’m glad it was only butter. Terrible fright and breathing I’m sure. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I need to get a spot of burnt oil out of mine, too. Every time I use a high temp, I can smell it.
    We found out that Moo is the only one who can even hear what’s happening in the front of the house. One night the detector was chirping and she came to wake us up. We, awake, could not hear it. She’s the only one with a room on that side of the hall. We later decided that we could hear the actual alarm, but not too well, and I sleep with earplugs. There are many benefits to having a front and back to the house, so well soundproofed. That’s not one of them. Might be worth never hearing the doorbell or the phone though ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Can their be twin beds in blogger jail with fluffy comforters and air purifiers and a maid and a cook and can i join you there? Maybe someone will come in for a massage later and then a nice nap!
    Sorry you had to deal with all of that. The smoke had to have really sucked!! Plus lack of sleep


  3. Umm, I might be asking why my child was preheating the oven at 1:29 AM. Glad there was no need to call the fire department.


  4. That almost makes me want to go clean my oven. Almost. Glad your story had a happy ending!

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  5. It’s so important to keep the smoke alarms serviced. Glad you are all okay. ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ


  6. Ugh – very ugh – I am so sorry to hear about that, Linda. I hope the oven is safe to use without causing your eyes to water and your throat to ache. Glad that you have new batteries but mostly that you are all safe. Get some sleep.


  7. My old cooker has finally been collected and my nice shiny one in situ.
    I thought after my sorry tale with the toaster you’d checked your batteries? Glad you’re OK.


  8. what a great save! )


  9. Oh man! That must have been scary!


    • Scary? It’s my imagination that’s scary. The situation was meh. ๐Ÿ˜›

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      • Lol!!! I was just talking to my kids about imagination yesterday. Do you often in a flash, see something, and imagine something awful happening, and it is so realistic you almost have to gasp?
        I did that as we were driving, and a child with his mother was walking on the pavement. In my head, the child let go of his mum’s hand and ran into the road into the path of my car, and I gasped!
        The kids were worried and asked me what was the matter, and I tried to explain my thought process…
        Or as I come down the stairs sometimes, in my head I slip and tumble down…
        I think its my writers imagination… or maybe I’m just weird!


  10. Wonder what would you be penning on x!! Am inspired to do the alphabets, think will miss some 15 or so, so chill!!


  11. Glad that you’re okay! Your throat will be fine – same thing happened to me a few years ago and it got better after a few days. *hugs*


  12. Wow! Glad you’re okay! Hope you’re able to get sleep tonight.


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