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#SoCS – Yes


Why do so many of us find it hard to say no? Saying yes seems to be what overextends me. Sure, I can do that. Let me help you. Gah! I never get my own stuff done.

And I have stuff. I have loads of stuff. Tons of it. And all of it needs to be done. I am getting little bits of stuff done here and there. I managed to get some rewriting done on the beginning of my upcoming book. Looks now like it’ll be published in June. I’ll try for the 27th – one year from the date the last one came out. So much for six months between releases.

Hey, a heads-up. I have a book blog tour for The Magician’s Curse running for ten days starting April 30th, so you’ll probably be sick of hearing about it by the 9th of May. But I do plan to put it on sale, so there’s that.

OH, one thing I did manage to get done was I phoned the company who manufactured my smoke alarms. They’re going to replace them for free. Now I just have to not start a fire in my house between now and the time they show up in the mail. I can do that, right? I can say no to fire.

Well, it’s officially Sunday here now, so I suppose I should stop writing my Stream of Consciousness Saturday post. If you’d like to join in (late, like me) or just read all the other entries, click the following link: It’s fun!

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

23 thoughts on “#SoCS – Yes

  1. glad the smoke alarm companys replacing your alarms for free! one less thing to worry about!


  2. I agree with the yes’s and no’s. Mostly say no to fires! Stay safe my friend!


  3. No! There I said it. Your turn Linda. No! Just like that. Try it! No! Youโ€™ll feel loads better I promise ๐Ÿ˜Š


  4. Yep saying no can be quite difficult but I’m finding it easier as I get older. Good luck with the book publishing.


  5. I often shock my fellow Midwesterners by my ability to say no. It’s unnatural.

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  6. Good luck on the book. BTW who made the six-month rule? Sounds like a way to drive oneself crazy.


  7. i have the same issue -)


  8. Saying no is hard for me, too. It gets easier once a couple people say it to you, but I donโ€™t wish that on you.

    Good job getting the smoke detectors replaced – try not to keep the home fires burning until they arrive. No to pizza after midnight.


    • For me it’s harder when others say no to me to do it to someone else. It’s my way (though usually ineffective) of trying to lead by example. ๐Ÿ˜›
      And yeah, no pizza after midnight. And no getting my son wet, either. Haha. (Does anyone remember Gremlins anymore?)

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  9. You have such an incredibly busy life. I’m glad your book is doing so well.


  10. I’m like you. Can’t say no!!!


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