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#SoCS – Posts


Posts, of the blogging kind, can be very difficult to come up with. What do you talk about that hasn’t already been talked about? It’s really why I came up with this prompt (SoCS) in the first place. Because I wanted to be able to write … whatever. And the best way I’ve found to do that is to write by the seat of my pants, whatever comes to mind.

But there are times when I have just way too much going on in my head. I need to be relaxed when I write, not have a storm of accumulating cotton balls floating around between my ears. That’s really what it feels like. They accumulate and then they clog the path to output until I’m ready to explode. Yet nothing that comes out makes any sense. Can you tell I’m kinda there already? Haha.

Distractions don’t help either.

Nor do the little gems I want to publish that I want even more to save for something like One-Liner Wednesday (I have two lined up already), or to keep for a post when I have time to sit down and really do a good job on it. As opposed to what I’m doing here.

Hey! They put tartar sauce on my Filet-O-Fish tonight!

See what I mean?

I think it’s a matter of practice, too. (Not putting tartar sauce on a sandwich–I’m back to talking about posts again. Keep up! Hahahaha. Yeah, good luck with that.) When I post a lot, say during a prompt month like January (Just Jot It) and April (A-Z), I have no problems coming up with something to write. Blogging depends on momentum. Or at least the ease of it does. In my experience at least.

How about you?

This post about posts is brought to you by Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Click the link to find all the other posts, and join in yourself! It’s fun!

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

25 thoughts on “#SoCS – Posts

  1. Mu issue is always time. I have so many things that pop into my idea and not even enough time to jot the ideas down. Then when I have down time, my brain freezes up. Do I make jewelry, work on the book, post on the blog, go out and take photographs, cook something, clean house, read a book, or just meditate? I ised to actually do that, you know…..😞


  2. I schedule som e posts. I also write by the seat of my pants a lot. It works. I never run out of things to blog about thankfully!


  3. I’m finishing my 4th year of blogging daily, and it’s true, the more you write, the easier it gets. I’m thinking of shaking things up a little, but haven’t decided how…

    Did you want them to put tartar sauce on your Filet-o-Fish? I think it’s gross and order mine without…


  4. Momentum usually is nearly equivalent to mood with me. At times I also get annoyingly existential and wonder why bother? Everything has been said by someone else and better than I can. But no one can write from my POV as well as I can, and no one ever has. There’s worth to that, at least when I’m believing it to be so (and we’re back to mooooods). I cracked up that you’re still on about the tartar sauce.


  5. I wrote a post for SoCS, left the house and never published it! How’s that for cotton balls?!?
    You know what else? When I get fried fish and fries, I dip the fries in tartar sauce, too. That’s how I roll.
    Pantsing is my writing life, but everything else in my life is planned, organized…


  6. I agree, momentum is key. Whenever I’m hardcore stuck – like staring at the screen and thinking of the fourteen jobs I have to get done by Tuesday sort of stuck – it’s always best to punt and admit I’m fried. I still write (because momentum) but those posts are usually a bit ping pong-y.


    • Ha! That’s an excellent way to describe those kinds of posts. I get them too. They’re the kind I’m hesitant to hit publish on, but then, strangely, they end up being the most popular ones. πŸ˜›


  7. You are the queen of SOC!


  8. I agree. Unless I try a funny poem I end up with the posts (vents) I wrote today. My phone still is unusable and WP won’t let me use my app for it. So I have to go in on mailed to me posts and then my site.😩😀🀑


  9. You never disappoint! I think of myself as a guerilla
    writer. Something pops into my head and I write like mad. Then I go away and muse.


  10. You always seem to come through with something interesting to read. I don’t know how you do it. So many irons in the fire.

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  11. Mine are all warm-up exercises; no preparation, just flying with whatever comes. I like to plan stories, but posts – come what may, they are the unfocussed scribbles of a manic mind.


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