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A Twitchy Troika of Truffles


I’m totally twitchy today. Alex was home–he’s really sick. I hope it’s just a cold since he doesn’t have a fever, but he can’t stop coughing. He’s in bed trying to sleep now and he’s still at it. I won’t bother even trying to get him up to catch the school troika … I mean the school bus tomorrow.

So, why am I twitchy? There were SO many awesome things I was going to accomplish this week! I have a deal going on on Kobo … here’s a screen shot:

and here’s the link if you want to pick up my book for free:

I was planning to advertise this every which way ’til Sunday. Literally–the deal’s on until Sunday. But I have Alex at home.

Oh, and that appointment I had to get my mother’s staples out of her head this morning? Dragged her all the way to the doctor’s office and found out the retirement home had taken them out a week ago. So we went there for nothing.

Why, oh why can’t anything go smoothly this year?

Because seriously, if they would, I’d stop complaining in your ears. :/

Where are the truffles? I need chocolate!

I also need suggestions for “U” words for tomorrow’s illegal A-Z post. One word per person, please, and keep it clean. Note that the oldest comments are at the bottom.

Thank you to today’s accomplices, whose links you’ll find under the words “twitchy,” “troika,” and “truffles.”

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

7 thoughts on “A Twitchy Troika of Truffles

  1. I can see that if I have any hope of ever giving you a word, I’m going to have to stay up later or get up earlier. Ah, what the heck, I like the words others have been giving you. I hope Alex is feeling better soon.

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  2. Wishing Alex a speedy recovery

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  3. Hope Alex gets better soon…

    But yay with the book stuff!!

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  4. Hi Linda so sorry to hear Alex is so unwell again, he’s really going through the mill this year, as are you. I can’t believe that the nursing home did not inform you that they had removed your mum’s stitches?
    All the best with the book. I am sending good vibes to help things improve all round 💜💜💜

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  5. How about a circumstance familiar word: upheaval

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