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#SoCS – Expletive


I uttered an expletive tonight.

When I poured myself a rare beer

In a beer glass.

It had the perfect head upon it

And my mouth was verily watering

After a day of work, and visiting the hospital

And more work

(And a bit of learning thrown in for good measure.)

And so I lifted my beer glass from the kitchen counter

My beer, cold

The glass not yet forming condensation

And I got my glass about a foot off the counter and toward myself

Readying to carry it back to the living room

To my laptop

To write this post …

And the bottom dropped cleanly off the glass

Not a shard

Not a splinter to be found

A smooth cut straight off the bottom

As though it had been cut by a master craftsman

(One who obviously hates me)

And so not a drop

Was left in my glass

And now the dog is suffering with beer farts

(Or should I say I am suffering with the dog’s beer farts?)

And I am one glass

(and one beer)

Short of a six pack.

I suppose it could have been worse …

The glass could have lasted until it was hovering over my laptop …

I’ll need suggestions for “Y” words for Monday’s less-than-above-board A-Z post. One word per person, please, and keep it clean. Note that the oldest comments are at the bottom.

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

47 thoughts on “#SoCS – Expletive

  1. That was a sad tale! 😦


  2. Dogs are so good at cleaning things up and making things better. Glad there were no splinters or shards!


  3. Thank goodness it was not wine!


  4. I had a glass bauble that sits on my desk, or rather that sat on my desk, just randomly and spontaneously explode with a sharp crack, and it cleaved perfectly into two pieces. Sounds like the same thing with your glass. Did it make a sound or were you too busy expletiving?


  5. Oh, Linda, I am so sorry your tough days continue. Did you find another glass and another beer?


  6. Young Yesterday Yeti

    Loved the story about the beer. How disappointing…


  7. That happened to me once at a restaurant, but not with a beer and nowhere near the dog luckily. They said they’d been having a problem with glasses fresh out of the dishwasher being too warm when the cold liquid went in? Don’t ask me – God did not gift me with sciencey knowledge, lol. Y-word ~ yoga.


  8. That’s just sad πŸ™.


  9. Yikes! And I’m SO glad that the computer was spared the … um … laptop emissions … πŸ˜‰


  10. Yonks. As in, “I’ve only been here an hour, but Margery has been here for yonks.”

    That glass, though…. Well played, Life; well played.


  11. If it had dropped on your computer, that would have been a disaster, Linda. A small silver lining. I hope Alex is improving.


  12. I hope you still had five more beers.


  13. We have a poltergeist that keeps the tv go funny and the heating go on when it shouldnt. You might have one too 😚. We have a greyhound. I am feeling for you with the dog farts. Nothing is deadlier 😁. As for the Y-word: yokozuna maybe? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ


  14. Dog has a beer fart – that’s cruelty to animal. Now you will be reported to SPCAπŸ˜‚


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