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#JusJoJan 9 & #SoCS – Limitless


Let’s start with unlimited bread sticks, shall we?

They call them limitless, but what happens when the kitchen runs out of them? Do you go to another restaurant? Do you get your meal for free for false advertising? That would be a disaster of a night for the establishment.

We call things countless the same way we often use the word “literal.” Given enough time and patience, most things on earth can be counted. Literally.

I’m talking about physical things, though. What about dreams? What about ideas? What about love?

What about that moment you look into the eyes of someone you love? It may only be a moment, but it can last forever in memory. Does that memory die when we do? I don’t think so.

BUT! Can bread sticks be limitless if you love them enough?

Now there’s a question.

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