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290. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Sunday, June 17th, 7:00pm
Murna (and Bozo)


Murna sits at the window. Bozo, carrying half a dozen helium balloons, takes the seat beside her.

Murna: What are you supposed to be?

Bozo: I’m a clown.

Murna: Bit late on a Sunday for a clown to be out, isn’t it?

Bozo: I’m a special clown. I only do parties for ladies.

Murna stares.

Bozo: And occasionally gay men.

Murna: You take your costume off?

Bozo: (smiles) Everything but the makeup and the shoes.

Murna: So what do you do with the balloons?

Bozo: I tie them to …

Murna: NO! Don’t tell me.

Bozo: (shrugs) People seem to like it.

Murna: (thinks for a moment) What are you doing next Saturday?

Bozo: Why? You got a party coming up?

Murna: I won’t be home. But you could give my husband some tips.


Next stop: Monday, June 18th, 6:00pm

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