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#SoCS – A new word

Procrastinatingly. That’s how I’ve been doing everything today. What’s that? It’s tomorrow already? Case in point.

I really need to start writing for my own prompts on the day they’re supposed to be written. I promise to make a concerted effort next week. There. Now I’ve said it, I have to do it.

When I haven’t been actually doing something I was supposed to be doing today yesterday, I’ve been contemplating existentialism in narration. And wondering if all narration in stories isn’t just that–a character self-realizing existence. Am I explaining myself very well? Probably not.

And no, I’m not stoned, but I kinda feel like the “Dude”s in my Second Seat series.

Dude, do you think that character knows he’s in a book?

Woah! Dude!

Yeah, kinda like that.

So, um, that’s a glimpse into my brain. Now aren’t you sorry you asked? Wait, you didn’t ask?


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232. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Note: Strong language

Friday, April 20th, 3:00pm


Dude: Oh dude, I am sooo fucked up.

Dude: Where are we going again?

Dude: We’re going … that way.

Both giggle

Dude: (points) Dude, that kid over there is going to throw up.

Dude: No way.

Child vomits.

Dude: (loudly) Bus driver! Clean up in aisle 4!

Both giggle hysterically

Dude: No dude, aisle 420!

Dude: Hey, this is our stop.

Both get up

Dude: (to everyone on the bus) Happy 4/20 everyone!

Dude: Yeah, Happy George Takei’s birthday!

Dudes get off the bus.


Next stop: … dude … no idea.

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