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304. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Sunday, July 1st, 1:00pm
MoJo (and JoJo)


MoJo sits at the window. JoJo boards the bus.

JoJo: (yelling down the aisle) DUDE! Happy Canada Day!

MoJo: (stands) DUDE! What in the heck are you wearing, dude?

JoJo: (approaches MoJo) It’s a suit made of maple leaves, man! I saved ’em from last fall!

MoJo: Come and sit by me, dude!

JoJo: (sits and leaves begin to crumble) This is gonna be the best Canada Day ever!

MoJo: Dude! You’re naked!

JoJo: (looks down at himself) No way! Lucky I have a flag! (smiling, holds up small flag and waves it)

MoJo: That’s no way to fly our flag, man.

JoJo: Darn it, dude, you’re right! What am I gonna do?

MoJo: Here. (takes off t-shirt to reveal body paint in flag design) Tie this around your waist.

JoJo: But, now you’re more patriotic than I am, man.

MoJo: Wait! (turns to face him and presses his chest against JoJo’s) There! Now we’re wearin’ each other’s maple leaves!

JoJo: Cool!

MoJo: (stands) Happy Canada Day, everybody!


Next stop: Monday, July 2nd, 5:00pm

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Happy Canada Day!


Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day

Today, all my fellow Canadians, enjoy a beer and a poutine (or a Pepsi and a Jos. Louis if you’re Quebecois,) and know there will always be a Tim Horton’s just up the street.

Have a wonderful 146th Canada Day!