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#JusJoJan the 27th/23 – Social amenities

Our prompt word for January 27th is “amenities.” Thanks so much, Kim, for the neat prompt!

I’ve been having issues with one of my amenities today. Specifically, my internet. Which is part of the reason I’m posting this so late. My reason for yesterday’s late posting? I forgot to hit the publish button. o_O

But I digress.

I learned something new today!

As I often do when I’m looking for inspiration for a post, I opened the dictionary. (I’m such a nerd.)

And I found this in Merriam-Webster:

usually amenities something (such as a conventional social gesture) that promotes smoothness or pleasantness in social relationships

<maintaining social amenities>

Who knew?

Now that I know, it explains a few things for me.

I come to my blog and to most of the social media sites I visit to be social. To have nice conversations with nice people.

Which, I’ve realized, is why I feel icky when I use social media (or my blog) to try to sell my books.

Sure, they tell you when you advertise that you’re giving the consumer something they need (like my books), or something that will make you happy (definitely my books), but I can’t help but feel that it’s unsmooth and unpleasant to talk about buying my books (which you absolutely want to do) with people who are just trying to have a nice conversation with me.

So perhaps the subliminal approach is best.

Because the truth is, I’m excited about my books. Especially when I have a new release coming out soon. And although it might seem to lack social amenities to talk about my books, I’m sure there are people out there who are excited for me.


Yeah, no. Totally unsmooth.


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#SoCS – Fingers

Another day, another failure at blogging. In my defense, I had Alex’s birthday party to deal with. Not that I did much regarding that all day, but it meant having to build his new Lego with him after supper. The good news is he’s getting better at putting the pieces together by himself. He’s much more dexterous that he was a couple of years ago.

But I have been working my fingers to the bone, finishing a proofreading job and actually getting some time on my next book. It’s coming along well. I have my plot holes figured out, which is always a good thing. Plot holes tend to slow me down. Knowing they’re there prevent me from moving forward. Good news on that front … it’s all about the fingers. You’ll have to read the book to find out what that means. 😛

The other thing that’s kept me occupied all day is Twitter. I seem to have figured out how to sell books from there, but it’s time consuming. It’s also free, unless you consider that time is money, at least from the perspective of a freelance editor and an author.

I’m still totally motivated, so there’s that.

I’m even thinking about doing NaNoWriMo this year. But only if I can finish my third book in my series before the end of the month.

The Magician’s Soul.

It’s gonna be different.

But the fact that I’m enjoying it means, I hope, that everyone else will too.

GAH! I want to be an author.

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#SoCS – Can Can-Can

Can I catch a break? Seems not today. Dealt with a cold and bad behaviour from my kiddie who’s about to become an adult-ie. He was supposed to have his eighteenth birthday party dinner with the family tonight but instead he ended up going to his room for hitting me. He’s still only about 5 feet tall and not muscular at all (I can still pick him up), so he didn’t do any damage, but that’s not the point. He’s still at the terrible-twos-going-on-adolescent stage of his life.

But I did kind of catch a break. When you think of the brighter side, at least I didn’t have to get out of my pj’s today to go to the store and get a cake. And I’m feeling a bit better, so that’s something.

I suppose all in all I don’t have it that bad. I have a roof over my head and a way to communicate to the world. I have a little bit of an income, though that will have to change, again, since Alex is turning eighteen. I stand to lose a huge chunk of my income starting Tuesday. Like, about half of it. Wanna buy a book?

In all honesty, I’ve been working quite hard at marketing these last few weeks. It hasn’t got me very far, but I’m hoping it’s just a learning curve. I’ve been playing around with Canva–a free online graphics-making site. I made this tonight:

It’s fun to play with.

Can I get better at it? Sure I can. And I will.

I can also finish the third book in my series and maybe even write another book before the year is out. I’m incredibly motivated right now, and I’m itching to act like an author again. I feel like I can do this.

Which isn’t a good attitude to go to bed with, because I’m probably going to stay awake plotting a new book, or my life or something.

Where was I going with the title of this post? Oh yeah.

Can I admit something?

I always wondered if Cannes was where the can-can originated.

I can look it up.

But it’s late.

I used to be able to do the can-can. Now I can only do it with my fingers.

Still, I’m glad I can.

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