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Speaking of Masochism


Why do I set such high goals for myself? Okay yes, it feels great when I achieve them, and usually I do because I don’t like giving up on a challenge I set for myself. But the downside is that I end up getting stressed when I have too many things to do.

The latest goal of course is NaBloPoMo – write a post every day during the month of November. Together with Nano Poblano which gives me the extra challenge to make my posts spicy, I’m thinking by the end of the month my posts will be unreadable garbles of swear words. That should be fun!

Yet there’s something extra I’m contemplating to drive myself crazy reach for, and that is to extend my Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right series to 365. An entire year. I’m working on getting ahead of myself to cover the period in December when I won’t be around. They’re already scheduled a day or two in advance, so what’s two weeks? Nuthin’! My eventual goal with the series is to turn it into a calendar. I’m not sure exactly how that would work as an e-pub, but I’m sure I can figure something out. The idea came up a while ago, and I spoke to another blogger about possibly animating it, but that sorta fizzled out into nothing. So far. I should re-visit the idea and see if there’s any interest, though the 365th episode is still 300 away from being completed.

Any thoughts? Anyone who’s reading it think it might be a good idea? Click here for a link to one of the scenes that stands alone (meaning it has no back-story nor any follow-up so far) if you’ve never read one. You may just be amused.

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

32 thoughts on “Speaking of Masochism

  1. Nano Poblano! There is going to be Sonoran food? Someone didn’t tell me about this being where the food is!

    I may be able to help you with the art. Concept is sound and so is getting a jump on the postings.

    There are some good ideas and from reading it sounds like you are headed for a very serious instance of “Contemfutzing”.

    Admitting it is the first step as we all know.


  2. If you don’t reach high, you’ll never get to where you want to be. Anyone interested in science fiction/fantasy genre? I have more than 300 manuscripts on my Website in that genre and 6 series completed.


  3. If you don’t reach high, you won’t grasp even higher. Which you do, regularly, Linda G. High goals, great work. Low goals, goofing off. πŸ™‚ Spicy month, Nano Poblano!


  4. Myrtle and Edith – I am intrigued and will be back to more thoroughly read other categories of work on your blog. I also love the one post a day for a month, might give it a go myself ! Adding a second one? Hhmm. It sounds daunting, but people tell me I keep myself too busy, so I can’t be critical.


  5. I wish you the best of luck with your endeavor for this month. Most of my own posts are likely to be shortish and spastic. I’m taking on NaNoWriMo and haven’t gotten to the point where I can handle two of these kinds of challenges at the same time just yet.


  6. Yes! Bring on the Rapacious Old Boilers, Linda – er, Myrtle and Edie! – and let them double entendre themselves into a rare old pickle!


  7. Oh dear we have to be spicy??? This should be interesting.


    • I think it’s more like we’re encouraged to be spicy. I don’t think it’s an actual requirement. And after all, I don’t see much point in having a bunch of bloggers who are running for the tap every five minutes, do you? πŸ˜‰


  8. Oh, I like that scenes idea!

    You already add spice by being you, don’t worry about turning up the heat. Unless you want to use Nano Poblano as an excuse. In that case, go for it.

    I am doing Nano Poblano, crossposting at BlogHer, Photo 101 and am about to make a stupid announcement on my blog in an hour.

    In other words, I shall join you in the masochistic writer-behavior.


  9. More power to you if you decide to go for it but I worry about reducing the joy if too many things move into the category of “have to do” – just food for thought.


    • You’re right,Dan – I’ve been there many times before. It becomes like hitting my head against a brick wall – more of a relief than a joy when I stop. Then I just look for another brick wall. πŸ˜› I never learn.


  10. I am also a masochist. I feel that if it doesn’t hurt, I’m not trying hard enough.

    And you should take the scenes way beyond 365. I’m thinking eleventy-million. And a half.


    • Wow, that would take me, like, two years. And a half!
      And yep, I’m with you on the hurting thing. I’ve thought about pulling off a fingernail or two, so I don’t have to type as much. But knowing me I’ll just end up having to write around words that contain, e d c i and k, and having long run-on sentences with no commas. πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

  11. That is rather ambitious. I’d say go for it and see how far you can get. It’s always fun to take on a big challenge like that.


  12. I was feeling the same way. I am happy I was able to write a post for today.


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